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Toad using a Deke

A Deke is a move used in Super Mario Strikers and Mario Strikers Charged. While the player has the ball, and the opponent is coming to steal the ball, the player can press Y Button or tilt C Stick to use the Deke Move in Super Mario Strikers, or press +Control Pad in the desired direction for Charged. The Deke Move is used to avoid the opponent's tackle. If the player has the right timing, the player will successfully dodge the opponent's tackle.

There are four types of dekes:

  • Standard dekes simply involve the character hopping a short distance in the given direction. Balanced characters have standard dekes. This is the only type of deke present in Super Mario Strikers.
  • Leaping dekes cause the character to jump in the given direction, which makes them more difficult to counter. It is possible to leap over the goalie with correct timing. Peach, Toad and Diddy Kong have leaping dekes. While Boo is a playmaker like those three characters, Boo instead turns invisible.
  • Damaging dekes do not move the character very much, but instead produce an attack that knocks away would-be tacklers. Offensive and power players have damaging dekes.
  • Teleporting dekes involve the character pausing for a moment, then teleporting in the given direction. The distance teleported increases as the ball's charge does; when the ball is fully charged it becomes relatively easy to simply teleport through the goalie for a score, though this is possible at any charge level. Using a teleporting deke will drain all charge from the ball. Defensive players have teleporting dekes. If the player is too close to the goal, they will be teleported above the goal, and be electrocuted by the electrified fence. If the player is too far away, they will get punched out by Kritter.

List of dekes by character in Mario Strikers Charged[edit]

Character Deke type Notes
Mario Standard
Luigi Standard
Peach Leaping Peach backflips into the air. She can be intercepted upon landing.
Daisy Teleporting
Wario Damaging Hops in the air with a timpani noise and hollers "Butt Smash!", delivering a ground pound.
Waluigi Teleporting Disappears in a purple flash while saying "Buh bye!", and then reappears to say "Hello!"
Yoshi Standard
Donkey Kong Damaging Pounds his chest, covering himself with damaging sound waves.
Bowser Damaging Retreats into his shell.
Bowser Jr. Damaging Retreats into his shell and pounds the ground with it.
Diddy Kong Leaping
Petey Piranha Damaging Shakes his head back and forth.
Toad Leaping
Hammer Bro. Damaging Hops in the air and bashes a giant hammer into the ground below himself, knocking anyone hit by the hammer back.
Koopa Troopa Standard Koopa Troopa retreats into its shell and dashes forward.
Birdo Damaging Birdo spins around to a piano riff, pushing back anyone who makes contact with them.
Boo Leaping Unlike the other three playmakers, Boo turns invisible, and unlike every other character, he has to wait for a few seconds before being able to deke again.
Dry Bones Teleporting Curls up into a ball and rolls on the ground for a few seconds before teleporting, which can be used to evade goalies if positioned properly. However, Dry Bones is vulnerable while rolling; as such, he can be intercepted during it, preventing the teleport altogether.
Monty Mole Damaging Digs underground and leaps back up, launching those nearby at the time. The slowest of all damaging dekes to hit.
Shy Guy Standard

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Dribbling[1]
Spanish Finta


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