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This is the list of profiles and statistics for Yoshi.

Nintendo Character Guide (1993)[edit]

Yoshi, properly known as T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas, had been held captive in an egg until Mario (homo nintendonus) bopped along and rescued him. Instantly, the young dinosaur and the plumber became fast friends. Together, they set out to rescue Yoshi's dinosaur pals from the wickedness of Bowser.

Super Mario series[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS[edit]

  • Instruction Booklet Bio: "Because he can't punch, Yoshi is weaker than other characters in the power department. However, he can swallow all kinds of things and turn them into eggs to throw."
    • Power: /***
    • Speed: **/***
    • Jump: ***/***

New Super Mario Bros. Wii[edit]

  • European Website Bio: "From the moment he hatched, Yoshi has been a priceless ally in the battle to foil the Mushroom Kingdom's less genteel residents. Whether he's making a meal out of Bowser's troop of baddies or carrying his companions into combat, this dynamic dinosaur is the epitome of a "good egg". Now he's bringing a multi-colored bunch of friends along to provide their support - all you have to do is find them!"

New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

  • Website Bio: "Yoshi™ is as hungry as ever! He'll eat enemies and berries in his way, and use his powerful legs to help you reach greater distances."
  • Instruction manual description: "If you find an egg, Yoshi™ will hatch out of it. Jump on Yoshi's back to ride him."

Super Mario Run[edit]

  • Notebook bio: "Yoshi is Mario's loyal adventuring buddy. He can Flutter Jump, and he's got no fear of spikes! Popular with Green Toads."

Items descriptions[edit]

  • Yoshi's House: "The house where Yoshi lives. Place this and Yoshi will join!"
  • Yoshi Topiary: "A shrub that has a dashing cut, and it looks like Yoshi."
  • Yoshi Statue: "A statue of Mario's sidekick. You can almost hear his voice just by looking at it."
  • Gold Yoshi Statue: "A shiny golden statue of Yoshi. It looks like it could go and swallow every single coin on the island."

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe[edit]

  • North American website bio: "The path to Princess Peach is full of foes—luckily, you’ll also meet some friendly and familiar faces along the way. Hatch a Yoshi Egg to get a lift or pick up a Baby Yoshi and use their unique skills to help you reach tough places, light up passages, and more!"

Yoshi franchise[edit]

Tetris Attack[edit]

In-game Character profile

Sprite of Yoshi's icon from the SNES version of Tetris Attack.

Hello everyone! I am Yoshi.

I'm very glad to see you all again. A little problem has come up here. But, with help from Little Yoshi, I think we can take care of it!

Yoshi's Crafted World[edit]

  • North American website bio: "There’s Yoshi, and then there are all the other Yoshis: red, pink, blue, yellow, and more."

Mario Kart series[edit]

Mario Kart: Super Circuit[edit]

  • Speed: ****
  • Weight: **
  • Bio: Yoshi is a bit heavier than Toad and Peach, but slightly slower as well. If you're willing to sacrifice a little speed for increased stability, give the dino a go.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!![edit]

Yoshi's emblem
  • Partner: Birdo
  • Personal Kart: Turbo Yoshi
  • Special Item: Yoshi's Egg
  • Bio: "Taking a break from carrying Mario, Yoshi's ready to burn up the courses."
  • Bio 2: "You can't help but laugh when you see Yoshi. But when he bowls you over with his giant egg, he'll be the one laughing at you."

Mario Kart DS[edit]

  • Class: Light
  • Default Karts: Standard YS, Egg 1
  • Unlockable Kart: Cucumber
  • Website Stats
    • Acceleration: ***
    • Top Speed: *
    • Off Road: ***
  • Bios
    • Flag of USA.png / Manual: "While Yoshi is usually ridden by Mario, this time he's ready to race. Yoshi's traction is excellent."
    • Flag of Europe.png "Yoshi's undeniable cuteness has lent him a cult following among the younger Mario Kart fans. He's the smallest and lightest of the competitors - making him a swift mover but also prone to being pushed around by the bigger boys and girls on the track."

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2[edit]

Yoshi's icon from Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

Yoshi's name from Mario Kart Arcade GP 2
Yoshi in a kart from Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 Yoshi in a kart from Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

Mario Kart Wii[edit]

Yoshi's complete vehicle roster in Mario Kart Wii.
  • Size: Medium
  • Actual Bonuses
    • Weight: +3
    • Drift: +3
    • Off-Road: +5
  • Website Stats:
    • Flag of USA.png Speed: 2/5
    • Acceleration: 4/5
    • Handling: 2.5/5
    • Flag of Europe.png Acceleration: 2/3
    • Top Speed: 2/3
    • Off-Road: 2/3
Mario Kart Wii trading card of Yoshi.
  • Website Bios:
    • Flag of USA.png "Yoshi's excellent traction makes drifting a dream. Mini-Turbo your way to victory when you test his skills on a dirt bike!"
    • Flag of Europe.png "Mario's long-time adventure mate doesn't let his loyalty stand in the way of doing all he can to win."
    • Trading Card: "Not mean, very green, so cute and a little less lean, Yoshi is a driving machine in the Middleweight division. It's fair to say he's big on racing, seeing Yoshi has been in every Mario Kart game. It's not surprising that Yoshi loves the Yoshi Falls track—maybe it has something to do with that big egg."

Mario Kart 7[edit]

  • Class: Light
  • Stat Boosts
    • Speed: 3.25
    • Acceleration: 3.5
    • Weight: 2.75
    • Handling: 3
    • Off-Road: 3.75
  • Bios::
    • Websites::
      • Flag of USA.png "Want to go from zero to speedy as fast as possible? Get behind the wheel with Yoshi. Speed and acceleration are his specialties."
      • Flag of Europe.png "Yoshi boasts great acceleration at the expense of top speed, and excels at getting back up to speed following a crash."
    • Guide: "Like Peach, Yoshi favors acceleration over top speed. He's slightly bigger than a true lightweight, but not by much!"

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX[edit]

Artwork of Yoshi, for Mario Kart Arcade GP DXMKAGPDX Red Yoshi artwork.jpgMKAGPDX Black Yoshi artwork.jpg

  • Weight Class: Medium
  • Stats
    • Speed: Gold star.pngGold star.png
    • Acceleration: Gold star.pngGold star.pngGold star.pngGold star.png
    • Handling: Gold star.pngGold star.pngGold star.png

Mario Kart 8[edit]

Yoshi's emblems from Mario Kart 8
  • Class: Medium
  • Size: Medium
  • Stat Boosts
    • Ground speed: 3.25
    • Water speed: 3.75
    • Air speed: 3.25
    • Anti-gravity speed: 3.5
    • Acceleration: 2.75
    • Weight: 3.25
    • Ground handling: 3.75
    • Water handling: 3.75
    • Air handling: 3.5
    • Anti-gravity handling: 4
    • Traction: 4
    • Mini-turbo: 2.5
  • Bio: "Yoshi represents his island well in Mario Kart 8, as a member of the heavier group of lightweights. Fortunately for everyone else on the track, Yoshi doesn’t bring out his egg arsenal to the races!"
Staff Ghost time
Course Staff Name Country Time Character Vehicle Combination
Body Tires Glider
N64 Yoshi Valley Nin★Mark Netherlands 2:28.814 Yoshi Wild Wiggler Standard Flower Glider
GCN Yoshi Circuit Nin★Adrien France 2:11.299 Red Yoshi B Dasher Standard Super Glider
GBA Cheese Land Nin★Aracel Spain 2:09.601 Orange Yoshi Pipe Frame Monster Parafoil

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe[edit]

Driver statistics
Vehicle size Speed Acceleration Weight Handling Traction Mini-Turbo
Ground Water Air Anti-Gravity Ground Water Air Anti-Gravity
Medium 5 5 5 5 3 4 5 5 5 5 3 3
150cc staff ghost times
Course Staff Name Country Time Character Vehicle Combination
Body Tires Glider
N64 Yoshi Valley Nin★Mark Netherlands 2:23.688 Yoshi Wild Wiggler Standard Flower Glider
GCN Yoshi Circuit Nin★Adrien France 2:07.557 Red Yoshi B Dasher Standard Super Glider
GBA Cheese Land Nin★Aracel Spain 2:06.316 Orange Yoshi Pipe Frame Monster Parafoil
200cc staff ghost time
Course Staff Name Country Time Character Vehicle Combination
Body Tires Glider
Shy Guy Falls Nin★Anne Netherlands 1:40.698 White Yoshi Standard ATV Retro Off-Road Parafoil
3DS DK Jungle Nin★Polly United Kingdom 1:46.758 Yellow Yoshi City Tripper Hot Monster Paper Glider
Super Bell Subway Nin★Skip United States 1:23.304 Blue Yoshi Yoshi Bike Blue Standard Super Glider

Mario Kart Tour[edit]


Special item Yoshi Egg from Mario Kart Tour. Yoshi's Egg
Favorite courses
(Three items per Item Box)
GCN Yoshi Circuit from Mario Kart Tour
GCN Yoshi Circuit
GCN Yoshi Circuit T from Mario Kart Tour
GCN Yoshi Circuit T
GCN Yoshi Circuit R/T from Mario Kart Tour
GCN Yoshi Circuit R/T
3DS Rock Rock Mountain from Mario Kart Tour
3DS Rock Rock Mountain
RMX Choco Island 1T from Mario Kart Tour
RMX Choco Island 1T
Favored courses
(Two items per Item Box)
GCN Yoshi Circuit R from Mario Kart Tour
GCN Yoshi Circuit R
GCN Dino Dino Jungle from Mario Kart Tour
GCN Dino Dino Jungle
GCN Dino Dino Jungle R from Mario Kart Tour
GCN Dino Dino Jungle R**
DS DK Pass R from Mario Kart Tour
DS DK Pass R
N64 Frappe Snowland R/T from Mario Kart Tour
N64 Frappe Snowland R/T*
New York Minute 2 from Mario Kart Tour
New York Minute 2
London Loop R from Mario Kart Tour
London Loop R
London Loop 2R from Mario Kart Tour
London Loop 2R
N64 Royal Raceway from Mario Kart Tour
N64 Royal Raceway
Wii Maple Treeway from Mario Kart Tour
Wii Maple Treeway
Wii Maple Treeway R from Mario Kart Tour
Wii Maple Treeway R

* indicates a favored course upgraded to a favorite course after reaching level 3. ** indicates a favored course upgraded to a favorite course after reaching level 6.

Yoshi (Reindeer)[edit]

  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter: "With his bright-red nose and festive antlers, Yoshi (Reindeer) is here to spread some holiday cheer. But don't let that shining nose distract you from his treacherous tongue! This red-nosed racer is ready to lap up the competition!"[1]

Yoshi (Egg Hunt)[edit]

  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter: "Safety is important on the track, so Yoshi (Egg Hunt) came prepared wearing a brightly colored helmet. Perfect for spring, huh? You may think he likes hunting for eggs, but it's his egg that does the real hunting!"[2]

Mario Tennis series[edit]

Mario's Tennis[edit]

  • Instruction Booklet Bio: He is the fastest of all the players, but his racquet contact area is small. He plays an aggressive type of game by rushing the net at every opportunity.

Mario Tennis[edit]

  • Type: Speed
  • Instruction booklet bio: Not only is he fast, but he's pretty accurate, too.
  • Guide bio: Yoshi has been Mario's friend since they were both knee high to a grasshopper. Since Mario's childhood, Yoshi has been willing to lend his strong back and egg-laying abilities whenever Mario needed help. Now Yoshi is trying his hand at tennis, using his superior speed and lightning reflexes to bring the coveted Star Cup home to Yoshi Island.

Mario Power Tennis[edit]

Bio: Yoshi's not only fast, he's steady. He rarely makes mistakes and looks to outlast his opponents.

Mario Tennis Open[edit]

  • Type: Speed
  • Bio: Yoshi's strength is of course his speed. Even when his opponent hits a well-placed shot, Yoshi can usually hurry over and make the return.
  • Bio 2: Yoshi has some of the fastest feet on court! Go, Yoshi, go!

Mario Tennis Aces[edit]

  • Type: Speedy
  • Trick Shots: Spin Turn (forward/backward), Egg Roll (side)
  • Special Shot: Flying Rainbow

Mario Golf series[edit]

Mario Golf[edit]

  • Instruction Booklet Bio: Yoshi handles his clubs skilfully for nice, straight shots.

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour[edit]

  • Distance: 208 yards
  • Star Distance: 250 yards (+42)
  • Trajectory: Straight
  • Height: Moderate
  • Impact: 13
  • Star Impact: 10
  • Control: 10
  • Spin: 10
  • Bio quote: "Golf is perfect for me, 'cause I love to roam! Why don't we square off?"

Mario Golf: World Tour[edit]

  • Trajectory: Straight
  • Height: 5
  • Drive: 208 yards
  • Sweet-Spot: 7.25
  • Control: 6.1
  • Star Drive: 250 yards (+42)
  • Star Sweet-Spot: 5.05
  • Star Control: 5.6
  • Challenge Mode Character Match course
    for star rank to be given:
    Yoshi Lake

Mario Baseball series[edit]

Mario Superstar Baseball[edit]

  • Team Captain: Yes
  • Teams: Yoshi Eggs, Yoshi Speed Stars, Yoshi Islanders, and Yoshi Flutters.
  • Player Type: Speed
  • Star Swing: Egg Ball
  • Star Pitch: Egg Ball
  • Special Skill: Clamber, Tongue Catch

Bad chemistry[edit]


  • Batting: 5
  • Pitching: 4
  • Fielding: 6
  • Running: 9


"A denizen of Yoshi's Island. Mario's dependable buddy always helps him out of jams. Yoshi's use their tongues to eat anything and everything. It is said that Yoshi's can turn anything they swallow into eggs. On the diamond Yoshi's fast legs and accurate tongue make him a great fielder."

Mario Super Sluggers[edit]

Top class speed in the field and on base.
Artwork of Yoshi from Mario Super Sluggers
  • Team Name: Yoshi Eggs
  • Stadium: Yoshi Park
  • Star Pitch: Rainbow Ball
  • Star Swing: Egg Swing
  • Fielding/Running: Tongue Catch
  • Bats/Throws: Left/Right
Pitch 4/10
Bat 4/10
Field 6/10
Run 9/10


Character Good Chemistry Bad Chemistry
Yoshi Mario, Birdo, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Baby DK, Light Green Mii Bowser, Magikoopa, Shy Guy, Boo, King Boo

Online collectible card bio[edit]

While not the strongest pitcher, Yoshi's Egg Swing and Tongue Catch help round him out as a team captain. And it may sound strange, but he plays best when surrounded by a lineup of babies.

Mario Strikers series[edit]

Super Mario Strikers[edit]

  • Jersey Number: 8

Mario Strikers Charged[edit]


  • Movement: 6
  • Shooting: 6
  • Passing: 6
  • Defense: 6

Yoshi's special moves are Egg Throwing and Flutter Jump.

Mario Hoops 3-on-3[edit]

  • Baller Name: Piranha Playa Hater
  • Type: All-Around
  • Special Shot: Flutter Dunk
  • Letter to Tap: M
  • Manual Bio: "Yoshi is a steady all-around player. He has got robust jumping skills, so he is pretty powerful."

Mario Sports Mix[edit]

Character Name Character Type Home Court Power Statistic Speed Statistic Technique Statistic

Mario Sports Superstars[edit]

Yoshi's team emblems from Mario Sports Superstars.


Yoshi's stats in the soccer portion of Mario Sports Superstars
Type Balance




Yoshi's stats in the baseball portion of Mario Sports Superstars
Type Balance




Yoshi in tennis from Mario Sports Superstars
Type Speed




Yoshi's stats in the golf portion of Mario Sports Superstars
Drive 212 yards
Trajectory Straight
Height Medium


Sweet Spot

Horse Racing[edit]

Yoshi's stats in the horse racing portion of Mario Sports Superstars
Type Balance



Mario Party series[edit]

Mario Party 5[edit]

  • Team Names:
    • Mario: Famous Combo
    • Luigi: Green Bros.
    • Peach: Regal Friends
    • Daisy: Royal Ride
    • Wario: Food Fanatics
    • Waluigi: Unhappy Dino
    • Toad: Cute Buddies
    • Boo: Scary Dino
    • Koopa Kid: Dino Cousins

Mario Party 6[edit]

  • Team Names:
    • Mario: Famous Combo
    • Luigi: Green Bros.
    • Peach: Regal Friends
    • Wario: Food Fanatics
    • Daisy: Royal Ride
    • Waluigi: Unhappy Dino
    • Toad: Cute Buddies
    • Boo: Scary Dino
    • Koopa Kid: Dino Cousins
    • Toadette: Racing Champs

Mario Party 7[edit]

Mario Party 8[edit]

  • Partner: Birdo
  • Website Bio: Yoshi's big tongue has a bigger appetite for all the candy on the boards.
  • Team Names:
    • Mario: Fan Favorites
    • Luigi: Green Machine
    • Peach: Kind Hearts
    • Wario: Poached Eggs
    • Daisy: Tomboy Trouble
    • Waluigi: Scrambled Eggs
    • Toad: Good Buddies
    • Boo: Hovering Friends
    • Toadette: Flutter Friends
    • Birdo: Egg Explosion
    • Dry Bones: Sky Bones
    • Blooper: Double Dippers
    • Hammer Bro: Hungry Hammers

Mario Party DS[edit]

# Name Image Description How to Unlock
4 Yoshi A figure with Yoshi on it. He's everyone's favorite cute dino! He may be adorable, but he can gulp an enemy whole. And he came all the way from his island to party! Complete Story Mode with Yoshi.
5 Yoshi Master A badge of Yoshi. Complete Story mode with Yoshi. This is the badge given to a player who shows charming cuteness.

Team Names

  • Mario: Old Buddies
  • Luigi: Green Machines
  • Peach: Sweetie Pies
  • Daisy: Cutie Pies
  • Wario: Unlikely Pals
  • Waluigi: Purple Dinos
  • Toad: Star Supporters
  • Bio: He's lean, he's green, and he's a party machine - he's Yoshi!

Mario Party 9[edit]

Yoshi's constellation in the game Mario Party 9.
  • Partner: Birdo
  • Bio: Best known for helping others to reach their goals, Yoshi joins the line-up of party participants with a fighting chance of winning all by himself this time!
  • Hero's Best Buddy: A constellation resembling Mario's trustworthy companion. When he jumps, he appears to pedal in the air, which is the cutest thing you ever did see.

Mario Party: Island Tour[edit]

  • Site Bio: Mario's green buddy is a good egg, so he's always invited to the party.

Mario Party 10[edit]

  • Site Bio: The green gobbler has attended every Mario Party to date, and Flutter Jumps back into the fun this time around.

Mario Party: Star Rush[edit]

Image Name Bio
Yoshi as viewed in the Character Museum from Mario Party: Star Rush Yoshi
A famished flutter jumper who loves fruit.
"Yoshi LOVES fruit. He's adorable like that. If you spot any, be sure to take a snack detour!"

Super Mario Party[edit]

Website: "Yoshi is one of Mario's friends. He also has an extremely sticky tongue."

Fortune Street[edit]

  • Bio: Mario's trusty adventuring partner. His long tongue is perfect for slurping up fruit and giving his foes a good licking.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Super Smash Bros.[edit]

  • Instruction Booklet Bio: "Yoshi is the cute dinosaur that lives on a tropical island. You'd be surprised what he can do with a simple egg."
  • Game Bio: Yoshi is the friendly dinosaur of Yoshi's Island. He began as Mario's partner, but has since built his own identity, and now appears in many games. He uses his unique ability to turn whatever he swallows into an egg as his foremost attacks. Yoshi's come in a rainbow of colours and are said to have a high IQ from a very early age.

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Instruction booklet[edit]

"A dinosaur that boasts surprising jumping prowess."


Name Image First Game/Move Description
Super Mario World
Yoshis are gentle, fleet-of-foot dinosaurs that make their home on idyllic Yoshi's Island. They come in a variety of colours and have evolved an interesting trait to help increase their numbers: they can transform anything they swallow into an egg. With adhesive tongues and bottomless bellies, Yoshi's have been known to eat anything.
Yoshi [Smash]
B: Egg Lay
Smash B: Egg Roll
To make up for his lack of powerful airborne attacks, Yoshi has a miraculous jumping ability and is resistant to damage while in the air. Yoshi can also swallow a foe and transform him or her into an egg: try doing this close to an edge! The speed and power of the Egg Roll increases if you hold down the B Button, but it'll be tougher to control.
Yoshi [Smash]
Up & B: Egg Throw
Down & B: Yoshi Bomb
Yoshi has no third jump, so the timing of his second jump is of vital importance. The angle and distance of his Egg Throw can be altered by how you tilt the Control Stick and how long you press the B Button. When Yoshi lands after doing his Yoshi Bomb, stars appear on either side of him, making it hard for enemies to deliver counterattacks.
Mario and Yoshi
Mario (specifically Cape Mario) & Yoshi
Super Mario World
Yoshi was first introduced in Super Mario World, and the sight of Mario riding the helpful character soon became an enduring image. Despite his Cape, Mario can't fly while astride Yoshi. The pair can make huge jumps and drift slowly back to earth, though. As a last resort, Mario could leap off Yoshi's back to safety.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]


  • Website: "Yoshi’s back and bursting with personality! He can launch consecutive attacks and even smack around enemies below him mid-flight.

Among other things, he can now use his up special move, the Egg Toss, to increase the distance of his jump. That’s enough to earn him a hearty welcome, isn’t it?"

  • Instruction Booklet: "A denizen of Yoshi's Island whose huge jumps lend superior air mobility."


Name Image Appearance(s) Description
SNES Yoshi's Safari*
N64 Yoshi's Story
A creature that hails from Yoshi's Island. Yoshis come in a variety of colors, and all possess gentle personalities. No matter what problems they face, they always look like they're having fun. Yoshis use their long tongues to grab and swallow fruit and enemies. They can convert what they swallow into eggs, which they then lay. They also give Mario rides.
Super Dragon
WII Super Smash Bros. Brawl Yoshi with wings on his back that give him the power to fly freely across the sky. In this state, he can spew giant fireballs. He is more mobile and powerful, but the inertia makes movement quirky, so it takes some skill to master flight. Yoshi returns to a normal state after a set period of time has passed.

*Note: This is incorrect. Yoshi's debut was in Super Mario World.


Image Game Effect
A sticker of Mario and Yoshi in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Super Mario Sunshine [Specials: Indirect] - Attack +13
Usable by: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser
Sticker of Yoshi from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Mario Party 2 Launch Resistance +35
Usable by: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser
A Sticker of Yoshi Ship. Yoshi Topsy-Turvy [Throwing] - Attack +32

Snake's codec[edit]

  • Snake: Otacon! What's this lizard thing?
  • Otacon: That's a Yoshi. It's a dinosaur from Yoshi's Island. Watch out for its long, chameleon-like tongue. If it gets you, you'll be swallowed whole.
  • Snake: It lays eggs and throws them, right? ...Then it must be female.
  • Otacon: ...Actually, it's a "he." At least, that's what it says.
  • Snake: It talks!?
  • Otacon: Yes! It talks! Well, kind of...
  • Snake: Now you've got me curious. ...How about I capture one so we can see what they taste like?
  • Otacon: Uhh, Snake...

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U[edit]


Name 3DS Image Wii U Image Appears in NTSC-U Description PAL Description
Yoshi YoshiTrophy3DS.png Yoshi trophy from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U SNES Super Mario World (08/1991)
SNES Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (10/1995)
As dependable a partner as one could hope for, Yoshi often aids Mario in his adventures. Yoshi can swallow just about anything and make an egg of it instantly. He's got some serious airborne power, making launching opponents skyward and then following up with more attacks a wise choice. They say man's best friends is a dog, but Mario's may well be Yoshi. He lives on Yoshi's Island, and can swallow up just about anything, then lay it as an egg. In this game, jumping is his forte—he can leap really high, then quickly land again, making chasing after launched opponents and getting in sneaky follow-up strikes easy.
Yoshi (Alt.) YoshiAllStarTrophy3DS.png Yoshi trophy from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U SNES Super Mario World (08/1991)
SNES Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (10/1995)
Yoshi's up special move Egg Throw is a projectile attack that travels farther the longer the button is held. Yoshi will also rise a bit if this move is used in midair. The side special Egg Roll turns Yoshi into a rolling, damaging egg. Yoshi won't roll off an edge if no directions are pressed. When you use the Egg Throw up special, how far Yoshi throws the egg depends on how long you hold the button. In mid-air, the move also makes him rise a bit. Egg Roll, a side special, sends him rolling inside an egg. If you don't control him while he's rolling, he'll stop just before he rolls off the edge of a platform.
Super Dragon N/A
Super Dragon trophy from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Wings sprout from Yoshi's back and he transforms into a super-cool dragon! While transformed, Yoshi is invincible and will constantly breathe fire. He can also ram into foes and shoot fireballs at them. The fireballs are great for launching foes and most powerful when used at close range. A pair of wings appear on Yoshi's back, turning him into an angelic dragon. While the Final Smash is active, he can fly freely through the air, and is invincible to boot. He constantly breathes fire, can ram into opponents, and can also shoot fireballs that deal a lot of damage and have great launching power, especially at close range.
Yoshi + Egg 1 Egg1Trophy3DS.png N/A N/A This heartwarming contraption looks more at home in a theme park than a raceway, but don't be fooled—this egg-shaped frame can dive under the sea or soar through the skies with ease! Your opponents will be filled with envy when you break this out in Mario Kart 7. This kart combo looks like it belongs in a theme park rather than on a racetrack. But, of course, looks can be deceiving! The egg-shaped frame known as the Egg 1 is a speed demon in the water. Mario Kart 7's tracks include everything from deep blue seas to soaring slide routes, so you've got to be prepared for anything!
Yoshi's New Island MegaEggdozerTrophy3DS.png N/A N/A One day, Baby Mario came floating down from the sky, dropped by the stork carrying him. But what happened to Baby Luigi? Does this whole affair sound familiar? Looks like it's up to the Yoshi clan to help Baby Mario out! It won't be easy, though—not with Baby Bowser involved. One day, Baby Mario came floating down from the sky, dropped by the stork carrying him. But what happened to Baby Luigi? And why does this whole affair sound so familiar? Looks like it's up to the Yoshi clan to help Baby Mario out! With that little scamp Baby Bowser involved, though, it's not going to be easy...

Red indicates exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version.
Blue indicates exclusive to the Wii U version.

Palutena's Guidance[edit]

  • Pit: It's Yoshi!
  • Viridi: Let me get this straight. Yoshi lays eggs, but he's actually male?
  • Pit: Uhh, shouldn't you know that, O goddess of Nature?
  • Viridi: There's nothing natural about this guy!
  • Pit: Yeah, I see your point.
  • Palutena: Well, all living beings contain both female and male elements. It appears that Yoshi is no different.
  • Pit: I wonder what's inside all those eggs... Chocolate?
  • Palutena: Focus, Pit. If you use your shield when Yoshi's pulling off an Egg Roll, you can grab him. Keep that in mind.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]


# Name Image Game Type Class Effect How to obtain Spirit battle
Opponents Battle conditions Stage Song
297 Yoshi Artwork of Yoshi from Mario Party 10 (also used in Super Mario Party and Mario Kart Tour) Yoshi Series Fighter N/A N/A Classic Mode as Yoshi N/A N/A N/A N/A
298 Yoshi (Yoshi's Crafted World) YoshiCraftedWorld - Yoshi.png Yoshi Series Fighter N/A N/A Vault shop N/A N/A N/A N/A
319 Mega Eggdozer Artwork of Yoshi and Baby Mario from Yoshi's New Island. Yoshi Series Support (1) Advanced Strong Throw Timmy and Tommy's N/A N/A N/A N/A
321 Yarn Yoshi Yoshi's Woolly World Yoshi Series Primary (3) Ace Grab
Weight ↓
World of Light (Light Realm); Spirit Board Yoshi ×4 Rule: Easy to Launch
  • All fighters are easy to launch
Super Happy Tree Main Theme - Yoshi's Woolly World
1301 River Survival River Survival spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Super Mario Series Support (1) Advanced Falling Immunity Spirit Board (ver. 2.0.0 or later) Bowser, Kirby, Yoshi, Rosalina & Luma Rule: Bob-omb Festival; Item Tidal Wave; Item: Food
  • Survive until the timer runs out
  • Bob-ombs will rain from the sky after a little while
Kongo Falls (Ω) Slide

Super Smash Blog bio[edit]

"Yoshi is all about egg-related moves, like throwing eggs, swallowing opponents and turning them into eggs, or turning into an egg and charging toward an opponent. With a high jump, recovery is a piece of cake for Yoshi! And for his Final Smash, a Yoshi army stampedes through the stage."

Mario & Sonic series[edit]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games[edit]


"Yoshi is a green dinosaur with a big nose and sticky tongue. He's got serious wheels, and his awesome Speed will keep him near the front of the pack in all the racing events, while his quick reflexes will make him a strong table tennis competitor."



Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games[edit]


"Yoshi is Mario's friend living on Yoshi Island and usually accompanies Mario and Luigi on their Adventures. Yoshi will put forward great effort in the Olympic Winter Games with his Flutter Jump Ability on the Wii and DS and his Thrash Dash Ability on the DS."

Wii stats[edit]


DS stats[edit]


Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games[edit]

  • Bio: "Yoshi is Mario's friend living on Yoshi's Island and sometimes accompanies Mario and Luigi on their adventures. Yoshi will put forward great effort in the London 2012 Olympic Games with his new abilities."

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games[edit]

  • Bio: "Yoshi has been a faithful friend to Mario and Luigi for many years. Impressive speed is Yoshi's greatest asset."

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games[edit]

Flag Description (Wii U version)[edit]

The voracious friend of the Mario brothers hails from Yoshi’s Island. He uses his long tongue to eat just about everything, but is especially fond of melons and other fruits. He’s attending these Olympic Games with a host of colorful friends at his side.

Miis' Dialogues (Wii U version)[edit]

  • Yoshi and Mario are always palling around together on adventures. It's nice to see true friends like that. He even lets Mario ride on his back! Man, I'd give anything to ride a Yoshi. Anything! ...Well, OK. Not ANYTHING. But you get what I mean.
  • Yoshi is such a glutton! That long tongue can pick up pretty much anything, though I hear his favorite food is melon.
  • There are lots of varieties and colors of Yoshis, but they're all still just called "Yoshi." It's not really a name like how "Mario" is. If you're even in doubt, you can tell a Yoshi by their kind heart, fast feet, and huge appetite!

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020[edit]

  • Website description: "Mario's kind, chill ally from Yoshi's Island. His long tongue lets him gobble up fruit and foe alike and turn them into eggs."
  • Online manual: "He's always thought of as carefree and slow-paced, but he can move with speed and accuracy when he needs to!"

Dr. Mario World[edit]

Image Abilities Attack Speed Defense
Animated image of Dr. Yoshi from Dr. Mario World
  • Stage mode: "Eliminates objects (5) at random."
  • Versus mode: "Eliminates objects (4/7/10/13/16) at random."
An attack bomb representing a doctor's attack from Dr. Mario World
An attack bomb representing a doctor's attack from Dr. Mario World
An attack bomb representing a doctor's attack from Dr. Mario World
An attack bomb representing a doctor's attack from Dr. Mario World
An attack bomb representing a doctor's attack from Dr. Mario World
Stage Mode Versus Mode
Level Speed Description Speed
1 48 Eliminates objects (4) at random. 40
2 45 Eliminates objects (7) at random. 40
3 42 Eliminates objects (10) at random. 40
4 39 Eliminates objects (13) at random. 40
5 36 Eliminates objects (16) at random. 40

Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros.[edit]


Gives Mario and friends a ride on his back, and adventures together with them. He eats enemies and fruit with his long tongue.

Super Mario Pia[edit]


Appeared for the first time in Super Mario World. He supported Mario and Luigi on their adventure, and suddenly became a popular character. He is also the main character of a great number of works, such as Yoshi, Yoshi's Story, and Yoshi's Island.

Play Nintendo[edit]

  • What does Yoshi do to beat up baddies? It’s right on the tip of his tongue… When trouble comes a-calling, this sticky-tongued, egg-laying wonder will flutter jump to the rescue. So who does Yoshi count on to have his back? Mario, of course!


  • Yoshi: Yoshis come in all sorts of colors, but Mario's close buddy debuted in green. Kind-hearted, naturally protective of others, and perpetually hungry, Yoshi is always up for adventure…especially if there are snacks involved. Yoshis can flutter their legs to jump incredibly high. They also have extremely long tongues that they use to snare fruit and even enemies—anything they swallow gets turned into throwable eggs.
  • Yarn Yoshi: Made from actual yarn, Yoshi has never been more adorable! Kind-hearted, naturally protective of others, and perpetually hungry, Yoshi is always up for adventure…there are so many mysteries to explore and new things to find! Yoshis can flutter their legs to jump incredibly high and can use their long tongue to snare enemies or other handy things.

Kids section of Nintendo Co., Ltd. site[edit]


Coming from Yoshi's Island, it's Mario's trusted companion!
Yoshi has a carefree and easygoing personality. Even though there's a shell on his back, we actually don't know whether Yoshi's a dinosaur or a turtle!
Yoshi loves eating things! With his long tongue, he can swallow fruits and enemies completely whole. However, anything Yoshi swallows can only be laid as an egg! But, as you'd expect, it seems he can't eat Thwomps or Bowser...
Aside from Green Yoshi, there's Yoshis of various colours, such as Red, Light Blue, and Pink!

Mario Portal[edit]


Mario's reliable colleague, who has come along with him since Yoshi's Island.
He has a kind, carefree personality.
He can take pride in his long tongue, which allows him to gulp fruits and enemy characters down whole and make them into eggs.
Aside from the green yoshi, there are also red, azure, and pink yoshis, among other color variants.


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