List of Funky Kong profiles and statistics

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This is a list of profiles and statistics for Funky Kong.

Donkey Kong series[edit]

German Donkey Kong 64 website[edit]

"The coolest ape in the world has once again changed his occupation. Some time ago he discovered his predilection for weapons technology. He has succeeded in transforming harmless tropical fruit and colorful feathers into effective projectiles. Switches that are located outside the range of the Kongs or that cannot be activated even using all of one's body strength no longer pose a problem due to the use of these special weapons. The integrated target functions and the add-on target-searching-ammunition make the weapons an indispensable aid in the search for the golden bananas. Funky also offers, as a further service, refilling of the ammunition supply. The weapons and their extensions, however, cannot be had for nothing. But Funky always has especially low prices for his friends."

DK: King of Swing[edit]

  • Instruction Booklet: "The sunglasses wearing, coolest of the Kongs. Preferring attack-based contests to races, he's the dark horse of the Jungle Jam."
  • Jump: 2
  • Attack: 4

Donkey Kong Barrel Blast[edit]


  • Unlock method: Win the Diamond Cup with a Kong.
  • Boost: 1/5
  • Speed: 5/5
  • Agility: 1/5
  • Rival: Kludge

Mario Kart series[edit]

Mario Kart Wii[edit]

Funky Kong's complete vehicle roster.
  • Size: Large
  • Actual Bonuses
    • Speed: +4
    • Off-Road: +3
  • Website Stats:
    • Acceleration: 1/3
    • Top Speed: 3/3
    • Off-Road: 1/3
MKW Funky Kong Trading Card.png
  • Bios
    • Site: "Funky Kong has long been able to turn his hand to just about anything, so expect him to take to racing like a seasoned pro."
    • Guide: "This funky monkey doesn't like adventuring, so he's split his time between surfing, drumming, and learning some of the craziest kart shortcuts around!"
    • Trading Card: "Funky Kong spends much of his time hanging out with the likes of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. You can hang out with this cool ape too, if you accept the arduous challenge to unlock him. Take note: Funky Kong drives like a mad monkey, so he's worth the effort."

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

Special item MKT Icon Banana Barrels.png Banana Barrels
Favored courses Three items per Item Box
MKT Icon DK Pass.png
DS DK Pass
MKT Icon Dino Dino Jungle.png
GCN Dino Dino Jungle
MKT Icon Vanilla Lake 1T.png
SNES Vanilla Lake 1T
MKT Icon Rock Rock Mountain R.png
3DS Rock Rock Mountain R
MKT Icon 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon T.png
3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon T
MKT Icon Rock Rock Mountain T.png
3DS Rock Rock Mountain T
MKT Icon 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon R.png
3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon R
MKT Icon Neo Bowser City.png
3DS Neo Bowser City
MKT Icon Neo Bowser City T.png
3DS Neo Bowser City T
MKT Icon Dino Dino Jungle RT.png
GCN Dino Dino Jungle R/T
MKT Icon Choco Mountain R.png
N64 Choco Mountain R
Two items per Item Box
MKT Icon Dino Dino Jungle T.png
GCN Dino Dino Jungle T
MKT Icon Vanilla Lake 1.png
SNES Vanilla Lake 1
MKT Icon GBA Bowser's Castle 2T.png
GBA Bowser's Castle 2T
MKT Icon DK Pass R.png
DS DK Pass R
MKT Icon DK Pass T.png
DS DK Pass T
MKT Icon Toad Circuit R.png
3DS Toad Circuit R
MKT Icon 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon.png
3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon
MKT Icon Rock Rock Mountain.png
3DS Rock Rock Mountain
MKT Icon DS Waluigi Pinball RT.png
DS Waluigi Pinball R/T
MKT Icon Neo Bowser City R.png
3DS Neo Bowser City R
MKT Icon Royal Raceway T.png
N64 Royal Raceway T
MKT Icon Choco Mountain.png
N64 Choco Mountain
  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter: "Look who's ready to flex some muscle out there on the track... It's Funky Kong! This cool cat is just as skilled with a kart as a surfboard, and he's here to make waves in the Jungle Tour!"[1]

Mario Super Sluggers[edit]

Front and back of Funky Kong's official profile card from Mario Super Sluggers.
Front and back of Funky Kong's official profile card from Mario Super Sluggers.
Front and back of Funky Kong's official profile card from Mario Super Sluggers.
  • Team: DK Wilds
  • Player Type: Power
  • Special Skill: Clamber
  • Good Chemistry: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Tiny Kong, Baby DK
  • Bad Chemistry: King K. Rool, Kritter
  • Stats
    • Batting: 8/10
    • Pitching: 4/10
    • Fielding: 6/10
    • Running: 3/10
  • Default Bat: Right
  • Default Glove: Left
  • In-Game Bio: "A powerhouse with slow charge pitches."
  • Collectible Card Info: "Funky Kong makes use of his long limbs in every aspect of the game. He has strong pitching skills and a great charge hit. His reach makes him an above-average fielder, so his defense must be reckoned with."

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]


Name Image Game Description
Funky Kong BrawlTrophy318.png SNES Donkey Kong Country A sunglassed surfer and friend of the Kongs. Funky Kong is indeed funky, from his looks to his lingo. Funky provides different services to the Kongs throughout the different games, be it a barrel-transport system or ammunitions expertise. He may have tired of business dealings, as he's been a barrel-race participant more recently.
Wii Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast


Image Game Effect
Funky Kong Sticker.png Donkey Konga 3 JP [Leg] - Attack +13
Usable by: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U trophies[edit]

Name 3DS Image Wii U Image Appears in NTSC-U Description PAL Description
Funky Kong Funky Kong Trophy.png FunkyKongTrophyWiiU.png SNES Donkey Kong Country (11/1994)
N64 Donkey Kong 64 (11/1999)
Has he remodeled his personal jet into a shop? Maybe he thinks it will encourage his items to "fly off the shelves." He claims he ran an airport once... Maybe that's true. Much like his style of conversation, I'm sure it was a pretty funky experience. Funky Kong's turned his private plane into a shop, all in some kind of effort to make stuff "fly off the shelves".. Classic jokes like that and the way he says things like "tubular" might make you think you're back in the 80s, but that's all part of his charm, right?
Funky Kong + Offroader N/A SSB4TrophyFunkyKongOffroader.png Wii Mario Kart Wii (04/2008) You may wonder why this kart is called the Offroader when its off-road ability is so average. But a true off-roader is a kart that can take on the world and survive--and this kart fits that description to a tee. It handles like a king, and if other karts try to ram into it, they'll be the ones crying. It has just one big weakness...drifting.

Blue indicates exclusive to the Wii U version.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit[edit]

Name Image Series / game Type Class Strength / effects How to obtain Spirit battle
Opponent(s) Battle conditions Stage Song
Funky Kong Funky Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.png Donkey Kong Series Master (Shopping) N/A Funky Kong's Shack
Often sells transportation-related spirits
World of Light (DK Island) Captain Falcon, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong Rule: Item: Bullet Bill
  • The enemy is easily distracted by items
Kongo Jungle Funky's Fugue