Rabbit (Donkey Kong 64)

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Fast Rabbit.png
Species Rabbit
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“Yawn... Hey, Lanky, I've heard you're a bit of a mover. How about a good old-fashioned running race around my obstacle course? First back here wins the trophy!”
Rabbit, Donkey Kong 64

The Rabbit[1] is a rabbit from Donkey Kong 64 that lives in the carrot-shaped house in Fungi Forest. He apparently heard from somewhere that Lanky Kong is very fast, so he challenged him to a race for a Golden Banana. In the first race, he was easily beaten by Lanky at his normal speed. However, after Lanky won, the Rabbit refused to give him the banana. Instead, he tells Lanky to come back and to accept the "consolation prize," which is three blue Banana Coins.

Later, after Lanky got the OrangStand Sprint ability from Cranky Kong, the Rabbit challenged him to a rematch. The Rabbit was much faster, so Lanky had a much tougher time in beating him. However, Lanky beat the Rabbit in the end, and the Rabbit gave Lanky his much-deserved Golden Banana.

Later in Crystal Caves, Chunky Kong found the Rabbit tied to a TNT Barrel in an igloo. After Chunky saved the Rabbit from the Flames that tried to set off the barrel, he was rewarded with a Golden Banana.


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