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Box set

New Super Mario Bros. Wii trading cards were released in October 2010 by EnterPLAY, the same company that produced the Super Mario Galaxy trading cards and Mario Kart Wii trading cards. Each booster pack contains four regular cards and one each of Tips & Tricks, Standee, Foil and FunTats. A gold foil has a one-in-eighteen chance of appearing in any given pack. The cards were not released in Japan.

Card list[edit]

Regular cards[edit]


Booster packs with cards


Booster packs


A Porcupuffer on a card



Tips & Trivia[edit]

  • 66. Hat's Off, Mario
  • 67. All's Well That Ends Well
  • 68. Desert Delight
  • 69. Simultaneous Ground Pound!
  • 70. Ride the Bullet
  • 71. Sounds/Beyond
  • 72. Catch Some Rays
  • 73. Path with Least Resistance
  • 74. Save Those Toads!
  • 75. Big Boss Bowser Battle
  • 76. Movies at the Castle
  • 77. Double Up/Digits



  • T1. Set 1 – Blue Toad on Pink Yoshi, Bowser, Paragoomba
  • T2. Set 2 – Luigi, Yellow Toad, Mini Mario on a Brick Block
  • T3. Set 3 – Luigi on Yellow Yoshi, Propeller Yellow Toad, Larry
  • T4. Set 4 – Princess Peach, Lakitu, Super Mushroom, Mini Mushroom
  • T5. Set 5 – Mario, Koopa Paratroopa, Mechakoopa
  • T6. Set 6 – Penguin Mario, Iggy, Goomba
  • T7. Set 7 – Luigi and Propeller Yellow Toad, Lemmy
  • T8. Set 8 – Mario on Green Yoshi, Spiny, Ice Flower
  • T9. Set 9 – Propeller Blue Toad, Wendy, Boo
  • T10. Set 10 – Mario and Propeller Luigi, Piranha Plant
  • T11. Set 11 – Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Fire Flower, Propeller Mushroom
  • T12. Set 12 – Blue Toad, Bowser Jr. in his Koopa Clown Car, 1-Up Mushroom

Foil cards[edit]

  • F1. Mario
  • F2. Luigi
  • F3. Blue Toad
  • F4. Yellow Toad
  • F5. Peach
  • F6. Yoshi
  • F7. Larry
  • F8. Wendy
  • F9. Iggy
  • F10. Roy
  • F11. Lemmy
  • F12. Morton
  • F13. Ludwig
  • F14. Bowser. Jr.
  • F15. Bowser
  • F16. Mechakoopa
  • F17. Lakitu
  • F18. Hammer Bro.
  • F19. Clampy
  • F20. Porcupuffer
  • F21. King Bill
  • F22. Chain Chomp
  • F23. Propeller Mario
  • F24. Luigi on Yellow Yoshi
  • F25. Propeller Blue Toad
  • F26. Penguin Mario
  • F27. Invincible Mario
  • F28. Blue Toad on Pink Yoshi
  • F29. Fire Mario
  • F30. Yellow Toad on Light Blue Yoshi
  • F31. Ice Mario
  • F32. Mario and Propeller Luigi
  • F33. Propeller Yellow Toad and Luigi

Gold foils[edit]

  • F34. Mario
  • F35. Luigi
  • F36. Blue Toad
  • F37. Yellow Toad

Special foil[edit]

  • F38. Magikoopa

Card gallery (front view)[edit]

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  • Card 24, Sledge Bro. is referred to "Sumo Bro." Also, on the back of the card, it accidentally puts an image of Hammer Bro.
  • Kamek is also misnamed "Magikoopa"
  • Foil cards 1-22, 34-38 are essentially the same cards as their non-foil counterparts.
  • F38 (Magikoopa) is available only in a special collector's box. Also included in the box are four booster packs, as well as a New Super Mario Bros. Wii poster, the back of which has a listing of every card.
  • EnterPLAY's website erroneously lists card 44 (Yoshi's Eggs) as an enemy.[1]


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