Wonder Flower

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This article is about the item in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. For Daisy's Offensive Power Shot in Mario Power Tennis, see Wonder Flower (move).
Wonder Flower
Artwork of a Wonder Flower from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)
Effect Creates a Wonder Effect.
“When you touch a Wonder Flower, expect the unexpected! The ground could start moving... or you might turn into something different for example.”
Shinya Takahashi, Nintendo Direct 6.21.2023

A Wonder Flower[1] is a flower power-up that appears in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. When collected, it activates Wonder Effects, which change some mechanics in the level or transform the player. Every main level has one Wonder Flower, and the Wonder Effect they create always leads to a Wonder Seed. Wonder Flowers come in different colors depending on the world in which they are found, such as blue in Pipe-Rock Plateau, cyan in Fluff-Puff Peaks, red-magenta in Shining Falls, yellow in Sunbaked Desert, green in Fungi Mines, purple in Deep Magma Bog, orange in Petal Isles, and gray with a yellow highlight in the Special World. Once the Wonder Effect's respective Wonder Seed is collected, the Wonder Flower turns gray and transparent. One Wonder Flower also plays a major role in the game's plot, as Bowser arrived in the Flower Kingdom during the opening sequence to steal it, and uses it to merge himself, his Koopa Clown Car, and Prince Florian's Castle together to form a flying fortress in his own likeness.

Concept and creation[edit]

The Wonder Flower was conceived as part of an effort to introduce surprising elements that would challenge the player.[2] The original idea was to include items that would warp players to a new area but producer Takashi Tezuka found the idea uninteresting, stating, "If you're still just going to warp to a different area, it's still the same. Why don't you just change where you are right now?"[2] To gather suggestions for effects the Wonder Flower could have, director Shiro Mouri and Tezuka polled the entire development team of Super Mario Bros. Wonder no matter their seniority or role on the project, receiving a little over 2,000 suggestions.[2]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンダーフラワー[3]
Wandā Furawā
Wonder Flower
Chinese (Simplified) 惊奇花
Jīngqí Huā
Wonder Flower
Chinese (Traditional) 驚奇花[4]
Jīngqí Huā
Wonder Flower
Dutch Wonderbloem[5] Wonder flower
French Fleur prodige[6][7] Wonder Flower
German Wunderblume Wonder Flower
Italian Fiore meraviglia[8] Wonder Flower
Korean 원더플라워[9]
Wondeo Peullawo
Wonder Flower
Portuguese Flor fenomenal Phenomenal Flower
Russian Чудо-цветок
Wonder Flower
Spanish Flor Maravilla Wonder Flower