Teeing Area

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The Teeing Area (formerly tee box) is the starting point in all holes of a golf course. Teeing areas have two tee markers, and the tee, which holds the ball, is placed between them. The number of teeing areas per hole varies with each game in the Mario Golf series. In the Nintendo 64 game and its port, each hole has one tee box. In Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Golf: Advance Tour, back tee boxes are added and they are farther from the green than front tee boxes. In these games, back tee boxes are used in Star Tournaments, which are harder than their regular versions where front tee boxes are used. In Mario Golf: World Tour, there are three tee boxes per hole (except in Sky Island, whose holes have one tee box each) and the third is called a tournament tee box, which is even farther from the green than the back tee box. The front tee boxes are used in stroke plays in the Castle Club, Mario Open tournaments, most regional tournaments, and Star Coin challenges. The back tee boxes are used in course championships, regular regional tournaments, expert tournaments, world tournaments, and the harder Moon Coin challenges. The tournament tee boxes are used in costume challenges, major tournaments, and the World Tour Final. Shots made from the Teeing Area are referred to as tee shots, and in World Tour, insets appear on the screen showing the characters doing gestures indicating whether the tee shots are good or bad. Mario Golf: Super Rush adds a fourth tee, the rookie tee. This Teeing Area is the closest to the course, being even closer than the standard tees.