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In Mario Golf 64, if you want to mess around with the, "FORE" Calling, the narrator will call out, "FORE" even if the ball was hit with the putter. I can't make any more videos on my phone because the storage is crap, but I do have one video in particular that uses a cheat code, which the ball goes crazy. video (Skip to 1:30 on video, this weird glitch(?) doesn't only work on emulator, it's also present on VC as well, but can't be too sure on the N64 version because I don't have my hands on that, but I can imaging it's present their. My version of this is that over in Hole 5 in Shy Guy Desert, I put the ball on the Rock near the green, and I was putting away from the green toward the Out of Course with full power of Long Putt in a certain area of the Rock, the narrator should call out, "FORE". If not, I tried aiming somewhere else or getting the ball more closer.) Jigglypuff (talk) 06:27, 18 September 2018 (EDT)