List of Super Mario Bros. deleted scenes

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These are the deleted scenes for the Super Mario Bros. film.

Concept Art[edit]

An early clay sculpture showcased what the film would've been like, with realistic Warp Pipes and a checkerboard-pattened path for Mario and Luigi to follow. Some concept art initially showcased that King Koopa was originally going to be played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who would wear armor based on Bowser's artwork. There were also some more humanoid concepts for the Koopa King, including a version wearing samurai-like armor. Goombas were apparently going to be more like humanoid mushrooms rather than de-evolved foot soldiers. Toad was also going to be a humanoid similar to his game counterpart. Piranha Plants and Thwomps would have also appeared, but were cut. An early design for the Bob-omb resembled its counterpart from Super Mario Bros. 2, while Yoshi would have resembled a juvenile T-Rex.

Deleted scenes[edit]

In a interview with Mark McCoy, designer of the movie, McCoy released an early script of the movie-the original script was much different from the one that remained [1]. The unused script has a character known as Doug that doesn't make the final cut and the scene where Mario and Luigi meet Daisy was changed. There is also another unused script from 1991 written by Tom S. Parker and Jim Jennewein. This 1991 script is more fantasy based and is closer to the video game, having more elements from the game than the actual version. The copy of this script can be bought from The original script also had Toad playing a much larger role within the film from originally betraying the Mario Bros. to President Koopa to later helping them as a result of his regret for the mistake he did.

Fire Snakes were originally written into the desert sequence of the Super Mario Bros. film, but were cut for unknown reasons. Scripts state that they "[...]resemble moray eels, their mouths filled with pointed piranha-like teeth," and that "They gnaw through the skin, burrow into the body cavities, and lay their larvae. It can take weeks for the host to die."