PAX West 2015 Omegathon Final Rd

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PAX West 2015 Omegathon Final Rd
The first section of the PAX West 2015 Omegathon Final Rd official course main area, featuring cars with enemies.
Level code PAX West 2015 Omegathon Final Rd
World Event Course
Game Super Mario Maker
Game style Super Mario World style
Theme(s) Main area: Ground
Sub area: Castle
Time limit 500 seconds
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PAX West 2015 Omegathon Final Rd is an Event Course from Super Mario Maker. The course was made by Nintendo for the final round of the PAX Prime 2015 Omegathon tournament. It was released as an event course on November 17th, 2015.


Layout of PAX West 2015 Omegathon Final Rd in Super Mario Maker.
The main area's layout in the course.
The PAX Omgethon course from Super Mario Maker sub area.
Part of the sub area of the course with enemies and conveyor belts.
The SMM PAX Omegathon course Bowser Boss Fight.
Mario fighting Bowser in the course using a lit Bob-omb.

The level is in the Super Mario World game style with the Ground theme. The level begins in front of a tower made of blocks with a ? Block inside, and the player must jump down to pass proceed. The section below contains a ? Block with a Super Mushroom and a pipe with a P-Switch to pass through Rotating Blocks. The level then has cars made out of Ice Blocks with multiple enemies inside, following a structure made out of a mushroom platform with the word "PAX", which above contains a secret Super Star. The player needs to continue down a pipe to continue.

The sub area contains a right and left path, which the latter will lead to a ? Block with a Cape Feather, and the former will continue the player on a path with conveyor belts and enemies, with a ? with Yoshi inside. Continuing upwards on the conveyor belts, a Pipe is present which winged Mega Bob-ombs will come out of, and Lava Bubbles on tracks and two Sledge Bros. Next, a Semi-Solid Platform is present, next to a bridge with Big Thwomp on a track, with Spinies and Bob-ombs below in Hard Blocks, with a ? containing a Super Mushroom. Continuing brings the player to a bridge with two Big Chain Chomps on a track that the player must avoid, while dodging Big Lava Bubbles. After, the player must jump off giant cannonballs to cross of a pit, while avoiding Fire Bars and red Bill Blasters shooting Bull's-Eye Bills. If the player falls down the pit, there is a bridge that has Trampolines can save the player from the lava, and the player must hit a ? Block with a vine to climb back up. Next, there is a path with a ? Block with a Super Mushroom that will get pushed by a conveyor belt, and the player must use a Lava Lift to pass over Grinders. The player can then go to the right and run on Ice Blocks to avoid Galoombas, with Rotating Blocks below spelling the word "PC". The player then must continue down a vine dodging Grinders, then must turn left to run on more Ice Blocks with Big Galoombas, with Rotating Blocks spelling the word "Tabletop". The player then can continue through a Warp Pipe to proceed, with two ? Blocks, the left one containing a Big Boo and Fire Flower for the right.

After exiting the Pipe, a building made out of Semi-Solid Platforms is present, with Ice Blocks at the top spelling "Bena Roya". Under are four doors, which each leading to different areas, with the far right one the correct door. By going in the correct door, the player enter an area made of Hard Blocks and Semi-Solid Platforms, with many Koopa Troopas and Pipes, which winged Big Spinies will come out of. By continuing down, the player will see Bowser, whom is bouncing on Trampolines on top of Spike Traps, with a red Bill Blaster shooting lit Bob-ombs on him. There is a Pipe nearby which Fire Flowers will come out of that can be used to defeat Bowser. Following this, there are Ice Blocks that spell "Omegathon", and Pipes that release coins. The player can then proceed to touch the Giant Gate and beat the level.


Official description[edit]

This course was revealed to be the epic final round for the PAX West 2015 Omegathon!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese PAXウエスト2015 オメガソン決勝戦コース
Pakkusu Uesuto Nisenjūgo Omegason Kesshōsen Kōsu
PAX West 2015 Omegathon Final Course

Italian Pax West 2015 - Finale Omegathon
PAX West 2015 - Omegathon Final
Spanish Omegathon PAX West 2015 (final)
PAX West 2015 Omegathon (Final)