SUPER MARIO KUN 25th Anniversary

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SUPER MARIO KUN 25th Anniversary
The SMM Event Course, Super Mario-kun 25th Anniversary, in the main area.
Level code SUPER MARIO KUN 25th Anniversary
World Event Course
Game Super Mario Maker
Game style New Super Mario Bros. U style
Theme(s) Main area: Ground
Sub area: Underground
Time limit 500 seconds
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SUPER MARIO KUN 25th Anniversary is an Event Course in Super Mario Maker, made by the creator of the Super Mario-Kun manga series, Yukio Sawada. It was released on November 5, 2015. Completing this course unlocks the SUPER MARIO KUN Mystery Mushroom costume.


Layout of SUPER MARIO KUN 25th Anniversary in Super Mario Maker.
The main area's layout in the course.
The SMM Super Mario-kun's course sub area.
Mario in the sub-area bouncing on Note Blocks.

This course is in the New Super Mario Bros. U game style and uses the Ground theme. Half of the level features kana characters which translate to "Super Mario Kun 25th". The beginning of the level features a ? Block with a Super Mushroom inside, next to Goombas and Koopa Troopas with a katakana character above made out of Brick Blocks. To the right contains a Big Chain Chomp with a katakana character made of Donut Blocks above it, and a ? Block that contains Big Boo Buddies. Next to it is a katakana character made out of blocks with a Warp Pipe inside, which leads to a sub-area. To the right are two katakana characters; one made out of Lifts, and the other conveyor belts, ? Blocks, and a Note Block. Following this is a katakana character made out of Hard Blocks and Warp Pipes, which the left spawns Super Mushrooms. There is a trampoline below to help the player get back up. Continuing brings the player to two more katakana characters, with the left made out of coins and the right made out of ? Blocks. Following this is a katakana character made out of Note Blocks with a Fire Flower and a ? Block is seen, as well as "25" made out of ice blocks with a single Spike Top, with a bridge in the middle of the two. Next to this is "th" made out of Hard Blocks with two Bill Blasters on it. Following this, the player can continue in a Koopa Clown Car to proceed. The player can fly through an area with Fire Flowers at the bottom, and many Cannons, Chain Chomps, Fire Bars, Bloopers, Sledge Bros., Lava Bubbles, and Bowser riding in a Koopa Clown Car. The player then sees a structure made out of Hard Blocks next to two Bill Blasters that shoot Bob-ombs and a Warp Pipe. The player can proceed by hitting a ? Block with a vine inside to continue up. The player then needs to dodge a Burner and then they can grab the Goal Pole to complete the course.

The sub area contains two ? Blocks, with a Super Mushroom on the left and Fire Flower on the right. There are two paths in the sub-area. The left path brings the player to a pit with Note Blocks to bounce on to proceed, and the right brings the player to Bowser Jr. and a Big Fire Piranha Plant, with a Warp Pipe above that spawns Super Stars, and a Warp Pipe obscured by Brick Blocks. The Warp Pipe on the right leads the player to a secret area made out of Cloud Blocks, with coins and Flying ? Blocks, which contain a Super Star and Yoshi. Continuing to the right brings the player to three Bill Blasters which shoot Propeller Mushrooms.


Official description[edit]

This course was made by Mr. Yukio Sawada, the creator of the Japanese manga series SUPER MARIO KUN. The first half features an anniversary message, but don't think this will be an easy ride—the second half is packed with enemies! If you reach the goal, you'll earn a SUPER MARIO KUN costume for Mario to wear.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーマリオくん25周年記念コース
Sūpā Mario Kun Nijūgo Shūnenkinen Kōsu
Super Mario Kun 25th Anniversary Course

French (NOE) 25 ans de SUPER MARIO KUN
SUPER MARIO KUN 25th Anniversary
Italian SUPER MARIO KUN 25° anniversario
25th Anniversary of SUPER MARIO KUN
Russian 25-я годовщина SUPER MARIO KUN
25-ya godovschina SUPER MARIO KUN
25th Anniversary of SUPER MARIO KUN

Spanish (NOE) 25 años de SUPER MARIO KUN


  • The French name for this course retains the original Japanese title of Super Mario-Kun, although the manga had begun its French localization one year before this course's release under the title Super Mario Manga Adventures.