Coo! (Yamamura's Battle Entry)

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Coo! (Yamamura's Battle Entry)
Course ID E2DB-0000-000D-E2BC
Game Super Mario Maker
Game style New Super Mario Bros. U style
Theme(s) Airship
Time limit 500 seconds
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Coo! (Yamamura's Battle Entry) (known as Coo! (Yamamura's Make-Off Entry) in the British English version) is Yamamura's fifth official course in Super Mario Maker, released on December 24, 2015. It is set in the airship theme and in the New Super Mario Bros. U game style.


The level begins with an autoscrolling segment consisting of cannons and Rocky Wrenches. After a segment with Bullet Bills, Mario must hit a P Switch to pile up some red cannons near a Checkpoint Flag, then enter a Pipe. Mario will then approach a long segment of winged Lifts and cannons leading to another Pipe. After a brief segment with more cannons, the Goal Pole appears.

Level map[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポッポ~(ヤマムラ流 勝負コース)
Poppo~ (Yamamura Ryū Kimochi Shōbu Kōsu)
Coo Coo~ (Yamamura Style: Contest Course)

Italian Tu-Tu! (La sfida)
Coo! (Mary O.'s Battle Entry)