World 13-5

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World 13-5
W13-5 SMM3DS.png
Level code 13-5
Game Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS
Game style New Super Mario Bros. U style
Theme(s) Main area: Ground
Sub area: Underground
Time limit 500 seconds
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World 13-5 is the fifth level of World 13 of Super Mario Challenge from Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS.

Course Layout[edit]

Above the start is a ? Block containing a Propeller Mushroom. The first section contains Mushroom Platforms and Cloud Blocks with coins above them. There are also Flimsy Lifts on tracks and a Bull's-Eye Blaster on a Hard Block. Coins are along the path of Flimsy Lifts. Above the tallest Mushroom Platform is a ? Block containing a Propeller Mushroom. After the first section, there is a Warp Pipe to the underground section, but the player can also not take it and go through a ground section. In the underground section, there is a little ground with Goombas on them a two Brick Blocks and a ? Block, the latter of which contains a Super Mushroom. After this, Piranha Plants in Pipes and Lifts on tracks with Grinders added on. The ground section uses ground and bridges to direct the player in certain ways, but still allow for backtracking. Defeating Munchers with a POW Block then hitting a ? Block will reward the player a 1-Up Mushroom. If the player goes to a hard to reach the pipe, go through a section where the player needs to use the Propeller Mushroom to go over Grinders, and hits a big Muncher with a POW Block, the player is rewards with many coins and another 1-UP Mushroom. Another big Muncher guards an area with many coins. Underneath the area with many coins is a Wiggler. Below that is a Green Koopa Troopa, but in order to get down there, the player must use skill to reach it. Near the Goal Pole are two Lifts and 3 Red Big Koopa Paratroopas.


  • Goomba - Get two lives at the goal.
  • Bowser - Collect all 200 coins and then reach the goal.