Pipeline to the Other Side

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Pipeline to the Other Side
Sample Course 3-1: Pipeline to the Other Side
Level code 3-1
Game Super Mario Maker
Game style Super Mario Bros. style
Theme(s) Main area: Ground
Sub area: Underground
Time limit 300 seconds
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Pipeline to the Other Side is the ninth sample course in Super Mario Maker. It is a Super Mario Bros.-style level with the ground theme, along with an underground-themed sub-area. The player must journey from one side of a large wall to the other via Warp Pipe, hence the level name. This is the first course the player will encounter in the first 10 Mario Challenge.


In this level, the player must journey through a Warp Pipe into an Underground area and then come out in a Warp Pipe on the other side of a vast wall.

At first, the player encounters two Brick Blocks with a ? Block in between. This ? Block only contains Coins, but a ? Block above it contains a Super Mushroom. After that, the player encounters a red Koopa Troopa stacked on top of a green Big Koopa Troopa. Once the player jumps over these enemies, they must jump over a Warp Pipe containing a Piranha Plant. They then must go inside of the next Warp Pipe. However, if they fall to the left of the second Warp Pipe and walk up to the left side of it and then jump, a Hidden Block will reward the player with a 1-Up Mushroom.

The other side of the Warp Pipe exits the player to the left. The same Koopa formation as earlier seen is on the top of the pipe and will make their way towards the player. The player must quickly jump over a cliff and onto the other side, on which there is one red Big Koopa Troopa and Brick Block formations. If the player uses the Big Koopa Troopa shells, they will be able to go under the Brick Blocks where needed. One Brick Block contains a 1-Up Mushroom, while another contains Coins. Once the player spans another cliff, they may exit through the Warp Pipe and back into the Ground area.

Upon re-entering the Ground area, the player encounters a ? Block followed by two Brick Blocks, a gap and then another Brick Block (all along the ground, one block above). On top of the row with the ? Block is a Red Koopa Troopa. The player must jump on this Koopa and hit the Red Shell to the side. If hit to the left, the shell will bounce off of the Warp Pipe and back, hitting the ? Block. If hit to the left, the Brick Block on the far right side will yield a set of Coins, and the other Brick Blocks will be broken. Either way, the Shell will hit the ? Block, activating a Vine that moves upwards. The vine will stop at a Hard Block along a row of Cloud Blocks. There is also a row of three Cloud Blocks to the right side of the vine for the player to land on, enabling them to jump up through the Cloud Blocks. Once on the row of Cloud Blocks, the player gets to collect Coins, arranged in tall formations two Coins wide. In between each formation resides a Hidden Block. The left Hidden Block contains a 1-Up Mushroom, the right Hidden Block contains a Super Mushroom, and the middle Hidden Block contains a Giant Green Koopa Troopa. On the right, embedded in the pillar of Ground Blocks, resides a Warp Door. This Warp Door takes Mario (the player) to the other side of the pillar. This side again contains Cloud Blocks, along with Mushroom Platforms and a stack of Koopa Troopas. The stack consists of, from top to bottom: A green Koopa Troopa, a red Koopa Troopa, and a green Big Koopa Paratroopa. The player must pass this stack to reach yet another Warp Door. Once the player passes through this door, the player will fall to the ground, and if they don't move while they are falling, the player will collect a stream of coins. The player then encounters the Goal Pole, along with three random coins sitting in a row. If the player jumps underneath these coins, they will activate Hidden Blocks that will enable them to reach the 1-Up point on the Goal Pole, thus beating the level.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 土管を通ってカベの向こうへ
Dokan o Tōtte Kabe no Mukō e
Take the Pipe to the Other Side of the Wall
Italian Un tubo per passare A pipe to pass
Russian По трубе на ту сторону
Po trube na tu storonu
Spanish Más allá del muro Beyond the Wall