Conveyor Belt Sprint

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This article is about World 11-2 in Super Mario Maker. For World 11-2 in Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS, see World 11-2 (Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS).
Conveyor Belt Sprint
SMM Lv42.png
Level code 11-2
Game Super Mario Maker
Game style Super Mario World style
Theme(s) Ground
Time limit 300 seconds
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Conveyor Belt Sprint is the forty-second sample course in Super Mario Maker, set in the ground theme and in the Super Mario World style.


The level starts with several conveyors, with three Super Mushrooms and a 1-Up Mushroom. A higher set of conveyors follow, along with several Koopa Troopa towers. After passing two Koopa Troopa-spawning warp pipes, the Giant Gate appears.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あっちこっちベルトコンベヤ
Acchi kocchi beruto konbeya
Conveyor Belts Here and There

Italian Corsa sui nastri trasportatori
Run on conveyor belts
Russian Бег по конвейерным лентам
Beg po konveyernym lentam

Spanish Carrera sobre cintas
Race on Conveyors