World 2-2 (Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS)

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World 2-2
W2-2 SMM3DS.png
Level code 2-2
Game Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS
Game style Super Mario Bros. 3 style
Theme(s) Ground
Time limit 300 seconds
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World 2-2 is the second level of World 2 of Super Mario Challenge from Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. This is the first Super Mario Bros. 3 style course in the Super Mario Challenge.

Course layout[edit]

This course appears to be very loosely inspired by World 2-3 from Super Mario Bros. 3. The level begins with Mario simply entering a Warp Pipe to the sub area.

The sub area begins with a pyramid formed out of pink Ground Platforms with a red Koopa Troopa near the top and a chained Chain Chomp in the center. At the very top, there are also two Brick Blocks and two ? Blocks, one of which contains a Super Leaf. Following a gap is a slightly larger pyramid appearing alongside two Goombas, two chained Chain Chomps, and a green Koopa Troopa. Once more, there are two Brick Blocks and two ? Blocks at the top, one of which contains a Super Star.

After the next gap is a less taller pyramid with three green Big Koopa Troopas on the bottom level, a chained Big Chain Chomp on the middle level, and three Goombas on the top level. Above this pyramid are two adjacent ? Blocks. One of them contains either a Super Mushroom or a Super Leaf depending on Mario's current form, whereas the other contains multiple coins.

After a third pit, Mario encounters four Goombas. Brick Blocks appear suspended in the air just above them, with one of them containing either a Super Mushroom or a Super Leaf. There is then a pyramid constructed out of Brick Blocks with a lone green Koopa Troopa at the top. One of the blocks in the pyramid is in fact a Coin Block, whereas another contains a 1-Up Mushroom, and another one contains a P-Switch. After this pyramid are three Goombas with more Brick Blocks above them.

Following this, a pyramid very similar to the one from Super Mario Bros. 3 appears, though red Koopa Troopas now spawn out of a pipe, replacing the original, individual green one. There is also a 1-Up Mushroom inside one of the Brick Blocks instead of just coins. After Mario enters the pipe back to the main area, he must simply touch the Goal to complete the level.


  • Goomba - Defeat at least 10 enemies using the tail and then reach the goal
  • Bowser - Defeat all Chain Chomps using the tail then reach the goal