Castle (level)

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Castle level in Super Mario Maker
Level code 1-3
Game Super Mario Maker
Game style New Super Mario Bros. U style
Theme(s) SMM2-ThemeIcon-Castle.png
Time limit 500 seconds
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Castle is the third sample level in Super Mario Maker. It follows the castle theme of New Super Mario Bros. U and is unlocked by unlocking new elements to the game and the Castle level-style.


The level opens with the player lowering themselves onto a level of the castle with a Buzzy Beetle and a ? Block containing a Super Mushroom. A similar level without a ? Block follows after. A raised platform with a Buzzy Beetle comes next, though this may be with the other Buzzy Beetle by the time the player reaches it. Then, a Hammer Bro on a platform containing two ? Blocks, some Brick Blocks, and a Note Block. Some Coins are overhead and a Fire Flower can be found in one of the ? Blocks. The level leads into some lava pits revealing some Lava Bubbles. The player must leap over these gaps and some Brick Blocks until facing some Fire Bars, one below and one overhead. The player then uses some Note Blocks to reach a higher section of the level, which leads to some Note Blocks below. Some of these Note Blocks are separated from the rest, hugging the previous tower. The player can use these to reveal a concealed 1-Up Mushroom. After this section, the player faces some fireballs from off-screen. A platform of blocks similar to the one below the Hammer Bro appears, though ground is also positioned above. A Thwomp is positioned in an alcove, though it can be jumped around by using the brick platform. From here, the player jumps down to a Lava Lift, collecting coins along the way. Another Thwomp is faced, and then finally Bowser.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 城コースのおてほん
Shiro kōsu no otehon
Castle Course Example

Italian Castello
Spanish Castillo