NWC 2015-1

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This article is about World 17-1 in Super Mario Maker. For World 17-1 in Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS, see World 17-1 (Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS).
NWC 2015-1
NWC 2015-1.png
Level code 17-1
Game Super Mario Maker
Game style Super Mario Bros. style
Theme(s) Ground
Time limit 500 seconds
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NWC 2015-1 is the sixty-fifth sample course in Super Mario Maker, as well as the first course shown off in the 2015 Nintendo World Championships. It is set in the ground theme and in the Super Mario Bros. game style.


The level starts out with the setting from the beginning of World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros., except with enemies and a beanstalk inside of the ? Blocks. A few warp pipes appear with a wall of synchronized Fire Bars. Mario must enter the warp pipe, and he will end up in the same beginning as before, except with bigger enemies. As Mario jumps across each warp pipe, he will encounter a Blooper on top of two Hammer Bros., a synchronized row of Fire Bars that Mario must avoid by climbing the beanstalks, and a segment where Mario must jump onto each conveyor belt and Koopa Paratroopa while avoiding Grinders to reach another warp pipe. Mario will then end up in a Lakitu cloud and must ride down to the Goal Pole.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 任天堂ワールド・チャンピオンシップ'15 コース1
Nintendō Wārudo Chanpionshippu '15 Kōsu 1
Nintendo World Championships '15 Course 1
Spanish (NOA) Nivel NWC 2015-1 NWC 2015-1 Level