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Course ID 4E0E-0000-000D-F642
Game Super Mario Maker
Game style Super Mario Bros. style
Theme(s) Underground
Time limit 500 seconds
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Updog is Undodog's fourth official level in Super Mario Maker, released on March 18, 2016. It is set in the underground theme and in the Super Mario Bros. game style.


This level is laid out into a series of challenges.

The first challenge consists of using cannonballs to gain height. The Pink Coin is located at the top right, near the warp pipe.

The second challenge consists of Beanstalks moving from ? Blocks on tracks. The Pink Coin is on the right, between the first and third sets of One-Way Walls.

The third challenge consists of flying POW Blocks that Mario must ride to the top. The Pink Coin is located in the center of the area.

The fourth challenge consists of Wigglers on tracks. The Pink Coin is on the right edge, just above the fourth Wiggler.

The fifth challenge consists of a Koopa Troopa at the top that Mario must kick in order to get the Pink Coin of the area.

The sixth challenge consists of moving Hard Block walls. The Checkpoint Flag is located on the left, and the Pink Coin is on the right.

The seventh challenge consists of four blue Lava Lifts. The only useful Lava Lift is at the center-left, and it leads to an area with moving Hard Block walls. The Pink Coin is at the top left corner.

The eighth challenge consists of cannonballs that Mario must consecutively bounce on to reach one of two chasms. The Pink Coin is at the bottom of the left chasm.

The ninth challenge consists of even more Hard Block walls that Mario must climb. Unlike the other challenges up to this point, this one lacks a Pink Coin.

The tenth challenge consists of Koopa Troopas that Mario must avoid. The Pink Coin is just above the third Koopa Troopa of this area, and it must be jumped on in order to collect the Pink Coin.

The eleventh challenge consists of Skewers that Mario must avoid. The next Checkpoint Flag is adjacent to the second Skewer, and the Pink Coin is at the top left, and can be collected after the fourth Skewer smashes the Brick Block enclosure.

The twelfth and final challenge consists of riding many Hard Blocks to the Goal Pole. If Mario manages to go over the Goal Pole, he can unlock the Key Door and be led to an area with many 1-Up Mushrooms and some additional Mystery Mushrooms.