Tracks (level)

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Tracks level in Super Mario Maker
Level code 2-3
Game Super Mario Maker
Game style Super Mario World style
Theme(s) Ground
Time limit 500 seconds
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Tracks is the seventh sample course in Super Mario Maker, unlocked as the player receives new course elements, including tracks. It is set in the Super Mario World style, and is in the ground theme.


The player starts off in an area with a Lift moving along a track, which they must ride on to go over a wall. More Lifts, along with a Super Mushroom, can then be found on Lifts. The player must then ride on some Conveyor Belts. Grinders on tracks must be dodged while riding on the Conveyor Belts. After the player jumps over a Grinder at the end of the Conveyor Belts, they will find a platform with a ? Block containing a Super Mushroom over it. After the platform, a Flimsy Lift on a track can be found. It begins moving when they touch it, and they must dodge Grinders as the Lift moves across the tracks. A 1-Up Mushroom can be found circling a track along with a Grinder. When the player reaches the end of the track, the Giant Gate can be found.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レールのおてほん
Rēru no otehon
Rail Example
Italian Binari Tracks
Russian Рельсы
Spanish (NOA) Rieles Rails