World 5-2 (Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS)

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World 5-2
W5-2 SMM3DS.png
Level code 5-2
Game Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS
Game style Super Mario World style
Theme(s) Underground
Time limit 300 seconds
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World 5-2 is the second level of World 5 of Super Mario Challenge from Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS.

Course layout[edit]

The level begins with the classic beginning blocks save for the first one, but with a Boo above. After that, two Trampolines which will take the player to the next area. The next area contains Piranha Plants in Pipes. More trampolines are here. After reaching the top and goes to the next area, Thwomps can fall to block the path to a Trampoline. There is a Super Mushroom on a Fire Flower above the pipe where the Trampoline is held. With four Trampolines, it would be possible to get a 1-Up Mushroom. After passing Big Boos on a track while going against a conveyor belt. Another Super Mushroom on Fire Flower is here just in case. The player takes the door to the next area. In this area, more Piranha Plants in pipes (2 are upside down, but 1 right-side-up). The player must carry a trampoline to the other side in order to exit. The last area is the same as the level, Up & Over from Super Mario Maker. One-Way Walls are in the level to prevent the player from going to past areas, except they don't for the last and somewhat for the second last.


  • Goomba - Reach the goal with at least 220 left on the clock
  • Bowser - Reach the goal without pressing the jump button