World 1-4 (Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS)

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World 1-4
W1-4 SMM3DS.png
Level code 1-4
Game Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS
Game style Super Mario Bros. style
Theme(s) Castle
Time limit 300 seconds
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World 1-4 is the fourth and last level of World 1 of Super Mario Challenge from Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. This almost identical with World 1-4 from Super Mario Bros. After this course is beaten for the first time, Lakitus and bridges become unlocked.


One difference is the ceiling above the highest platform at the start has been raised. Additionally, the Fire Bars when viewing from the course edit appear in different directions. One thing added is a 2 high 3 long rectangular track with the longest fire bar in the level on it. In the center of the track, there is a question block with a Super Mushroom on a Fire Flower, just like earlier in the level. At the end, two Bowser Jr. statues appear above the ceiling, though it is impossible to see all of the statues outside of the course edit. Also, boss music has been added to Bowser.


  • Goomba - Stand on a Fire Bar attached to a track and then reach the goal
  • Bowser - Defeat Bowser