World 18-2

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World 18-2
W18-2 SMM3DS.png
World-Level 18-2
Game Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS
Style Super Mario World style
Theme Ground
Time limit 500 seconds
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World 18-2 is the second level of World 18 of Super Mario Challenge from Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS.

Course layout[edit]

The course starts out with a bridge over Ice Blocks with Blurps nearby. After some Wigglers and a gap, the player can get a Super Mushroom from a ? Block. While meeting other Wigglers, the player also encounters Conveyor Belts, Semi-Solid Platforms, Note Blocks, Mushroom Platforms, and Donut Blocks for ground. Near the Giant Gate are two big winged Wigglers, as well as a smaller a little before, to help get a 1-Up from the Giant Gate.


  • Goomba - Jump on all Wigglers and then reach the goal.
  • Bowser - Reach the goal without jumping on any Wigglers.