Tokaigi 2016 Contest Course 2

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Tokaigi 2016 Contest Course 2
TokaigiContestCourse2 SMM.png
Level code Tokaigi 2016 Contest Course 2
Game Super Mario Maker
Game style Super Mario Bros. 3 style
Theme(s) Ghost House
Time limit 500 seconds
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Tokaigi 2016 Contest Course 2 is an Event Course in Super Mario Maker, released on February 6, 2016. It was the second course shown off at the Tokaigi 2016 event.


The level begins with spikes that need to be carefully maneuvered via the lifts. Mario must then head to the right and use a POW Block to enter a Warp Door, get past a segment with Thwomps and cannonballs, and then use a Super Star to ride a Flimsy Lift down to the bottom. Mario must then enter a warp pipe above, and upon exiting head to the right to hit many Hidden Blocks near some Arrow Signs, then head further to the right to a warp pipe spawning P Switches. Mario must hit one, then grab another to make his way to a Warp Door. He must then hit more Hidden Blocks to reach another segment, where he must hit the P Switch he was holding to make his way to a P Warp Door, which in turn leads directly to the goal.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 「つくる王」「あそぶ王」決定戦 決勝戦用コース2
"Tsukuru Ō" "Asobu Ō" Ketteisen Kesshōsen-yō Kōsu 2
"Maker King" "Player King" Decisive Match: Finals Course 2

Italian Gara Tokaigi 2016, livello 2
Tokaigi race 2016, level 2
Spanish (NOE) Tokaigi 2016 - Nivel 2
Tokaigi 2016 - Nivel 2