1-4 Remix (Castle)

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1-4 Remix (Castle)
1-4 Remix (Castle) level in Super Mario Maker
Level code 4-4
Game Super Mario Maker
Game style Super Mario Bros. style
Theme(s) Castle
Time limit 300 seconds
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1-4 Remix (Castle) is the sixteenth sample course in Super Mario Maker, based off of World 1-4 from Super Mario Bros. As such, the level is set in the castle theme and in the Super Mario Bros. style.


The level is the same as in the original, except that the level contains more Fire Bars. Additionally, near the end, there is a line-controlled Fire Bar orbiting a ? Block containing a Mystery Mushroom transforming Mario into Bowser. This segment leads directly to the Bowser segment, and the ax clearing the level.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイアバーの城 【原作っぽいコース 1-4】
Faia bā no Shiro (Gensakuppoi Kōsu 1-4)
Fire Bar Castle (Original-ish Course 1-4)

German 1-4 Remix (Festung)
1-4 Remix (Fortress)
Italian 1-4 Remix (Castello)
1-4 Remix (Castle)
Russian 1-4 ремейк (замок)
1-4 remeik (zamok)
1-4 Remake (Castle)

Spanish (NOA) 1-4 Castillo (remix)
1-4 Castle (Remix)
Spanish (NOE) 1-4 Castillo (Retro)
1-4 Castle (Retro)