Hammer (Luigi's Mansion 3)

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LM3 Hammer artwork.png
Artwork of a Hammer from Luigi's Mansion 3
First appearance Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)
Variant of Ghost
Bomb Hammer
Diffusing Hammer
Lethal Hammer
Mini Hammer
Regen Hammer
Speed Hammer
Blue Twirler

Hammers are ghosts in Luigi's Mansion 3. They are quite similar to Blue Twirlers from Luigi's Mansion and Slammers from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, They have square heads and attack by charging toward Luigi or Gooigi and hammering the floor, hence their name. Like Slammers, they tend to be more brawny than intelligent. Hammers have 200 HP and two tails, allowing both Luigi and Gooigi to vacuum them at the same time. Whenever they charge, they will cover their eyes with their arms, rendering them immune to the Strobulb for the attack. When they are stunned, they will barely move or take damage unless Luigi or Gooigi moves behind them while they are stunned and then suck them up.

The first Hammer in the game appears on the third floor, the Hotel Shops. It uses a water sprinkler above to melt Gooigi and speeds up the escalators.

Like Goobs, Hammers work lots of odd jobs at The Last Resort, but are easily angered.

The end of the game reveals the Hammers were being brainwashed by King Boo, as they and the other ghosts quickly become social once the jewel from King Boo's crown vanishes from Luigi's hands as they were about to attack him. Among the rest of the standard ghosts in the game (save for Trappers), Hammers are seen working with the protagonists to rebuild the fallen hotel through a series of pictures throughout the closing credits, as well as the cinematic immediately preceding the credits sequence itself. The ending also reveals that Hammers are slightly dim-witted in their base personality; when one of the Hammers was handed a helmet by Professor E. Gadd when preparing them to work on restoring the hotel, it mistook the helmet for a snack and ate it, much to the other ghosts' embarrassment.




Themed variants[edit]

Each variant has 300 HP instead of 200. Otherwise, they are the same as regular Hammers; the only difference is the design and clothing, which does not affect their powers. This list does not include rare variants of Hammers with special powers and/or varying HP.


Tutankhammers are Hammers that are based on mummies, like Agoobises. Their name is based on that of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. They appear in ScareScraper floors based on the Tomb Suites.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOE) Fierabandelettes -
German Mumienwüterich -
Italian Farasfascione -
Spanish (NOE) Jopalumomia -


Slabhammers are Hammers based on slabs from the Middle Ages. They appear in ScareScraper floors based on Castle MacFrights.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOE) Fierabriques -
German Steinwüterich -
Italian Sfascione muraglia -
Spanish (NOE) Jopaladrillo -

Disco Hammer[edit]

Disco Hammers are Hammers resembling disco balls. They are only found in Dance Hall-inspired floors in ScareScraper.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOE) Fierafacettes -
German Diskowüterich -
Italian Discosfascione -
Spanish (NOE) Jopalut disco -

Hammersaurus Rex[edit]

Hammersaurus Rexes are Hammers resembling Tyrannosaurus rex, hence their name. They are found in ScareScraper floors based on the Unnatural History Museum.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOE) Fierabrasaurus -
German Dinowüterich -
Italian Sfasciosaurus Rex -
Spanish (NOE) Jopalusaurus -


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アンスト
Pun on "angst" (Dutch word for "fright"); as well as a portmanteau of "angry" and "ghost"
Chinese (Simplified) 气呼呼
Anger & Seething
Chinese (Traditional) 氣呼呼
Anger & Seething
Dutch Hamer Hammer
French Fierabras Simplified version of "fier-à-bras" (French derogatory term meaning "a braggart")
German Wüterich German derogatory term meaning "a furious person"
Italian Sfascione Breaker; from the Slammers' Italian name, "Spaccone"
Korean 앵그리
Spanish (NOA) Tundaente From "contundente" (blunt)
Spanish (NOE) Jopalut