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This article is about the race course from Mario Kart 64. For the race course from Mario Kart DS and classic course in Mario Kart 8, see DS Wario Stadium.
Wario Stadium
Wario Stadium from Mario Kart 64.
Appearance(s) Mario Kart 64 (1996)
Cup(s) Star Cup
Distance 1591 m
Course map
An aerial view of Wario Stadium.

Wario Stadium is the second-longest track in Mario Kart 64 and is the first race course of the Star Cup. According to the manual, Wario himself designed and built this track. Wario Stadium has the same music as the three raceways: Luigi Raceway, Mario Raceway, and Royal Raceway.

Course layout[edit]

The track contains several sharp turns and a series of hills and bumps. Wario Stadium is the only track in the series to include a jump which, if failed to clear, will set the player back a good quarter of the track; the jump on Mario Circuit 2 sets the player back only a fifth of the track. In later Mario Kart titles, failing to make these kinds of jumps will have Lakitu bring the player back to the start of the jump.


A glitch enables the player to hop over a wall just after the starting line and end up close to the finish line. A different glitch then can be used to jump over the barrier to just before the finish line, enabling players to cross the finish line while still qualifying as a full lap.


Mario Kart 64[edit]

  • Instruction manual bio: That rascal Wario was in charge of the design and construction of this course. A fan of motocross races, he brought in major amounts of sand to fill this huge stadium in an attempt to build a course more suitable to bikes than Karts. Each lap's distance is extremely long, making it difficult to stay concentrated on the race.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワリオスタジアム
Wario Sutajiamu
Wario Stadium
Chinese 瓦力歐競技場
Wǎlìōu Jìngjìchǎng
Wario Arena


  • In the Nintendo Power Player's Guide for Mario Kart 64, the best staff time listed is 22 seconds, the fastest staff time on any track in the series.[1]
  • As of Mario Kart Tour, Wario Stadium is the only track from Mario Kart 64 that has not yet returned in a later Mario Kart series installment that features classic courses.


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