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First appearance Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023)

Mumsies[1] are mummy-like enemies with pillar-like foreheads of varying heights and loose wrappings on their backs that appear in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Their wrapping can be pulled back to unveil and defeat them. They appear in the levels The Desert Mystery, KO Arena Sunbaked Skirmish and Sunbaked Desert Special Pole Block Allure.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マキマキ[2]
Repetition of「巻」(maki, rolling up a sheet of cloth, paper, or tape), shared with an enemy from Yoshi's Crafted World
Chinese 纏纏[3]
Chán Chán
Dutch Mumsy -
French Momito From "momie" (mummy) and possibly the Spanish diminutive suffix "-ito"
German Wickel Clipping of "wickeln" (to wrap/coil)
Italian Mumi From "mummia" (mummy)
Korean 둘둘이
From "둘둘" (dul-dul, wrapped) and Korean noun-forming suffix "~이" (-i)
Portuguese Puxancâmon Play on "puxar" (to pull) and "Tutancâmon" (Tutankhamun)
Spanish Remomina From "remover" (to remove) and "momia" (mummy), with the diminutive suffix "-ina"


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