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Three Beanbean knights with Mario and Luigi
Beanbean Guard sprite.PNG

Beanbean knights[1], also known as Beanbean troops[2][3], Beanbean soldiers[4] or simply guards[5], are Beanish guards in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. They are highly loyal to the Beanbean Kingdom.

After Mario and Luigi defeat Tolstar in Stardust Fields, they are soon rushed by three Beanbean knights at the entrance to Hoohoo Village. They accuse the brothers of kidnapping Prince Peasly, but Tolstar fortunately informs the knights that they are indeed the legendary Mario and Luigi of the Mushroom Kingdom. The knights apologize, and mention reports that the perpetrator wore an odd helmet and mumbled about "mustard and fink-rats", which turns out to be Fawful.

Knights are stationed at Beanbean Castle and the outskirts of Woohoo Hooniversity. Authorization is required to pass these areas, which is granted by royal decree.



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