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The Apook Corporation is a corporate conglomerate from the Nintendo Comics System comic series. It sells and produces most of the commercial products in the Mushroom Kingdom, with its most notable retailer being the Koopamart. It is implied that it is run by Bowser for the members of his Koopa clan, which is further supported by the name "Apook" being "Koopa" spelled backwards. However, Mario and his friends also seem to use Apook products from time to time.

The corporation is mentioned by Mario in Tanooki Suits Me. He tricks Wart into believing that the art he bought from Bowser were products of the Apook Corporation, and would turn into worthless raccoons in ten minutes. It is also referred to in The Revenge of Pipe Ooze! as being the owner of Burger World, a restaurant known for selling items like Slime Burgers, Lard Fries, and Mold Shakes.