Mechakoopa Stomp

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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars move
Bowser Crush
Mechakoopa Stomp
Used by Bowser
Type Magic
Magic power 58
Effect Crushes opponents for massive damage
Element Neutral
Target All enemies
Damage reduced N/A

Mechakoopa Stomp, originally known as Bowser Crush, is the fourth and final special attack Bowser learns in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. When the attack is used in battle, Bowser summons a giant green Mechakoopa (one with regular colors in the remake) that stomps across the battlefield, damaging all enemies. The player can press Y Button during the attack in order to increase damage dealt. Bowser learns this attack at level 18, and he needs 16 Flower Points to use it.

The giant Mechakoopa used for the attack was developed by Koopa Troopa researchers for several months in a top-secret laboratory located deep within Bowser's Keep, for the purpose of stomping flowers and frightening butterflies.[1] The giant Mechakoopa was finished just as the Smithy Gang invaded Bowser's Keep and the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser was initially disappointed that he could not use the Mechakoopa for its intended purpose, but he realized that he could use it to stomp enemies instead. Multiple Mechakoopas of this sort exist,[2] and it is possible that a different one is summoned each time Mechakoopa Stomp is used.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メカクッパプレス
Meka Kuppa Puresu
Mechakoopa Press
Chinese (Simplified) 机器酷霸践踏
Jīqì Kùbà Jiàntà
Mechakoopa Trampling
French (NOA) Mécapresse Mechapress
French (NOE) Mechapresse Mechapress
Italian Pressakoopa Crush-koopa


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