Able Juice

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A cup of Able Juice

Able Juice is an item used to cure an ally of any status ailments in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Able Juice comes in a blue cup with an "R" on it.

Status ailments, one way or another, weaken party members, making them less effective in battle. Able Juice can be used to cure these status ailments for one party member, making them "able" to fight again. This item can only be used during battle since all status ailments are eliminated at the end of any battle.

It can be thought of as the predecessor to the Refreshing Herb and Tasty Tonic, used in the other RPG games.

It can be bought for four Coins and sold for two Coins in the vast majority of shops throughout the game, starting from the first shop in the game located in the Mushroom Kingdom. It can also be won from the Arachne, Carroboscis, Geckit, Guerrilla, Heavy Troopa, Mr. Kipper, Rat Funk, and Stinger.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リフレッシュジュース
Rifuresshu Jūsu
Refresh Juice


  • In the illustration of the item artwork, it reads "Refresh Juice," its Japanese name, on the label.
  • The name may be a pun on apple juice.