Shine Monument

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The Shine Monument polluted by Shadow Mario
“Expert Shine scholars have determined that this darkness has arisen because all of our guardians, the Shine Sprites, have vanished from their gathering spot at the Shine Gate.”
Pianta prosecutor, Super Mario Sunshine

The Shine Monument[1] is a huge statue located on the Shine Gate in Delfino Plaza in Super Mario Sunshine. It is an altar to the Shine Sprites and a source of energy for Isle Delfino. Shadow Mario painted black goop all over the giant shine and caused all the other ones to go into hiding. Some fell into the wrong hands while others into different dimensions. One Shine Sprite hid right into the giant shine, which Mario cleaned off with FLUDD, making the Shine Sprite appear. Despite the giant shine being clear of goop, the Shine Sprites did not return there and Mario had to get the rest himself.

When Mario obtains the Rocket Nozzle, he can gain access to Pianta Village by blasting up onto the monument. Additionally, he can blast up to the platform on the Shine Monument. He can then spray the goop off the monument, which causes it to spin. When Mario cleans all of the goop off, a Shine Sprite appears. Mario can then get on top of the Shine Monument and rocket up to the Shine Sprite.


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