Blade (obstacle)

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WL2 O Blade.png

Blades are obstacles found in the Wario Land series, namely in Wario Land II. They are composed of a sharp blade attached to a metal pole with some wire wrapped around it. The Blade rests in one place and thrusts up and down in a set rhythm, producing an alarming sound while doing so. While the edged part of the Blade itself can hurt Wario and throw him backward, the pole is harmless and can be passed without taking damage.


Wario Land II[edit]

Wario, evading some Blades

Blades are commonly encountered obstacles in Wario Land II, featured in many levels. They usually are deployed in narrow places with not much room for evasion to ensure making it difficult for Wario to progress. Some Blades even have Conveyor Belts underneath them.