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Not to be confused with Bowser's Galaxy Reactor.
Bowser's Galaxy Generator
Bowser's Galaxy Generator.png 
Area World 6 
How to unlock Get 70 Power Stars, including one from either Battle Belt Galaxy or Slimy Spring Galaxy 
Boss(es) Giant Bowser 
Comet(s) Speedy Comet
Green Comet 
Level(s) Bowser's Fortified Fortress
Bowser's Big Bad Speed Run
Green Star 1
Green Star 2 
Stars Smg2 icon grandstar.pngSmg2 icon prankstercomet.pngSmg2 icon greencomet.pngSmg2 icon greencomet.png 
Galaxy Icon A gigantic, fortress-like version of Bowser's head, that looks like Bowser's adaptation of Starship Mario

“All right! Time for the grand finale, Captain! Somewhere in there... Your princess is waiting! You need to stop that monster before he devours everything in his path! Get in there and show him what ya got!”
Lubba, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Bowser's Galaxy Generator is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is located in World 6, and is the final galaxy where Bowser is fought.

The galaxy uses elements from every part of the game, such as Snake Blocks and drilling. Yoshi will also be needed to bypass certain obstacles, but he can't be used in the final battle.

The power-ups found here are the Cloud Flower, Blimp Fruit, Spin Drill, and Dash Pepper. The galaxy has many obstacles such as lava and electricity. Common enemies here include Magikoopas, Banzai Bills, Hammer Bros., Boomerang Bros., and Magmaarghs.

The Prankster Comet for this galaxy is the Speedy Comet. This Speedy Comet requires the player to reach the star before time expires. Fortunately, there are some timers that will increase the player's time, and, with the Comet, the player doesn't have to fight Bowser.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Starting Planet[edit]

Mario about to get a Life Mushroom.

A small planet that resembles the platforms in the Bowser levels of the first game. Once Mario lands on this planet, a Luma will lead Mario down a path and change into a Launch Star. However, if Mario chooses another route and climbs to the top of a pole, he will obtain a Life Mushroom. Note that the Large Door Planet is almost directly under the planet a long way down.

Platform Planet[edit]

The Platform Planet.

A small platform occupied by three Hammer Bros. The player must defeat them to reveal the Floaty Fluff to sail down the Volcanic Planet, although it is not actually needed to get down safely since the player can touch a wall of lava and use this momentum to fall to the bottom safely. During the speed run, the Hammer Bros. are replaced by two Boomerang Bros. The Platform Planet is actually separate from the Volcanic Planet.

Volcanic Planet[edit]

Mario flying over lava with a Floaty Fluff.

A planet made out of lava waterfalls that come out of volcanoes. Fireballs come out of torches, and Mario can fly using the Floaty Fluff found in the previous planet until he reaches the bottom or he can touch a wall of lava and use this momentum to fall to the bottom safely and avoid the fireballs until he gets to the bottom, where he can use a Drill to exit the planet.

Banzai Bill Planet[edit]

Mario in front of a Banzai Bill.

A cylindrical planet surrounded by lava. There are several Banzai Bill Cannons here, and Mario can use the Spin Drill to go through the dirt and access other areas of the planet while avoiding the many Banzai Bills and lava; however he can save much more time if he ditches the spin drill and backflips on to the Banzai Bill Cannon then long jumps to the Launch Star at the end. Also, during the Prankster Comet mission, the Banzai Bills are replaced by Octoombas.

Lava Castle Planet[edit]

Cloud Mario avoiding bullet bills and creating clouds.

In this sidescroller planet are several platforms that spin around, Bullet Bills and also Cloud Flowers. There is lava at the top and bottom of the planet. At the end is a Launch Star. There is a glitch which allows the player to infinitely circle this planet which is shown below. During the prankster comet mission, the Bullet Bills are not present. Also, on the top of the planet, there will be a small area barely tall enough for Mario and Luigi. The area is filled with coins and a 1-Up mushroom, and leads to the Luma that turns into the Launch Star. This can be a shortcut.

Yoshi Bridge Planet[edit]

Cloud Mario crossing the bridge.

A planet with a wooden bridge where a Magikoopa is found. There is also a platform that tilts according to Mario's current position on it. Yoshi's Egg is found on the right side, and the Yoshi can use the flower grapples on the left side to reach the next planet.

Yoshi Magma Planet[edit]

Mario and Yoshi about to touch down on the planet.
The second area of the Yoshi Magma Planet.

A big, long planet. If Yoshi goes forward and swings to the left, he will get a 1-Up mushroom. From the platform with the Boomerang Bro on it Yoshi can infinitely flutter-jump until he is so high he gets caught in the Lava Castle Planet's gravity orbit, Mario (with or without Yoshi) will orbit the planet indefinitely. Yoshi must navigate the sinking lava platforms to reach the left side. On the left side are three Boomerang Bros. and several lava geysers. After defeating the enemies, two lava walls open briefly. After eating a Dash Pepper, Yoshi can rush through a long section before the walls close again and crush them. After using a Sling Star, Mario and Yoshi get to a second area with a large chain of Snake Blocks. They must dodge the lava geysers and Magmaarghs. At the end, there is a Comet Medal and a Blimp Fruit that is used to avoid being eaten by a Magmaargh. The player needs to use Yoshi in order to obtain the Comet Medal.

Large Door Planet[edit]

Mario preparing to launch Meteorites at the Big Door.

A castle-like planet with a few Lumas, a large Gray Bowser Statue, and a pole that Mario can use to get to the top. Mario must get off of Yoshi to climb the pole, unless he uses Yoshi's Infinite Flutter glitch. On the top part of the planet, there is a Life Mushroom on the left, on top of another pole and Meteorites in the center. Mario must ground pound these to smash open the door locks and finally enter Bowser's lair.

Throne Planets[edit]

One of the thrones.

A small planet shaped slightly like a star. In front of this planet is another planet that is shaped like a large throne. Bowser is seen sitting on this throne when Mario first enters the area. He only remains here briefly before battling Bowser on the Bowser Battle Planet.

Bowser Battle Planet[edit]

The Bowser Battle Planet.

It is identical to the other battle planets. It is a small, round planet made out of black bricks with a few rocks that release coins.

Bowser Battle Vortex[edit]

The second stage of the Bowser battle.

This area is the setting of the second stage of the fight with Bowser. It is a vortex with a black hole in the background. The only places for Mario to stand is on the meteorites used against Bowser. Mario will move to another meteor if he ground pounds the one he is currently standing on.

Garden Planet[edit]

Mario with Peach and the Grand Star.

A small garden planet with flowers, a little pond, and dirt. There are some Star Bits on the bottom of the planet. This is the planet where the final Grand Star and Princess Peach will appear after defeating Giant Bowser. It resembles a simple version of the Gusty Garden Galaxy's planets since there are grass and flowers on the top half and just dirt on the bottom.



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Bowser's Fortified Fortress[edit]

The second half of the Bowser battle.
The intro sequence to the mission.

Mario starts off on the Starting Planet, and from there progresses to the Platform Planet. There, Mario must defeat three Hammer Bros. in order to make the Floaty Fluff appear. Mario can use this to glide past multiple fireball cannons on the Volcanic planet and fall onto a small circular area of dirt; however, he can save time hugely by touching a wall of lava and useing this momentum to fall to the bottom safely. Here, Mario must use the Spin Drill to burrow through the ground to the Banzai Bill Planet. Still retaining the Spin Drill, he must gradually work his way around this planet, being careful to avoid the numerous Banzai Bills that fly around it. He must locate one specific square patch of dirt amidst all the others and burrow through it, revealing the Launch Star to the Castle Tower Planet.

Here, Mario must work his way through the planet, dodging multiple Bullet Bills that attempt to block his way. When he reaches the end of the planet, another Launch Star will lead him to the Bridge Planet. Mario will have to release Yoshi from his egg, and use his tongue to grab onto the Flower Grapples to swing onto the Magma Planet. After defeating two more Boomerang Bros., a large section of the wall will open up on the planet, revealing a Dash Pepper which Yoshi must use to speed through the wall section of the planet before it closes on him. After avoiding some Magmaarghs on the next section of the planet, Snake Blocks will lead Mario and Yoshi to the Big Door Planet, where Mario must Ground Pound meteorites into three stone locks to unlock the door, leading the way into the third and final Bowser Battle of the game.

After unlocking the big door, a gravity field will pull Mario in, who, after being threatened by Bowser, will be taken to the Bowser Battle Planet, where he must again battle Bowser for the final time. He must Ground Pound meteorites into him four times to release the Grand Star, But just as Mario aproaches the the Grand Star, Bowser, who has somehow gotten huge again crashes through the planet's floor and eats the Grand Star, causing him to become even bigger. In this second phase, Mario is standing on a meteorite, he must Ground-Pound his meteorite platform into Giant Bowser four more times, causing Bowser to fall into the massive Black Hole in the background. After this, Mario will be taken to Bowser's Garden Planet, where he is reunited with Peach, and is able to collect the sixth and final Grand Star of the game. This enables the player to view the first ending sequence, the ending credits, World S, and the secret ending, if 120 Power Stars are collected.

Planets Visited
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Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 宇宙をかけた戦い
Uchū o kaketa tatakai
Battle over the Fate of the Universe
Spanish (NOE) ¡Asalto a la fortaleza de Bowser! Assault on Bowser's fortress!
French (NOE) L'ultime confrontation The ultimate showdown
German Bowsers uneinnehmbare Festung Bowsers impregnable fortress

Bowser's Big Bad Speed Run[edit]

In this level, the player will play through the Bowser's Fortified Fortress level once again, though the Speedy Comet must be in orbit. The player will only have approximately thirty seconds to complete the level at the start, requiring Mario or Luigi to collect + Clocks to increase this time limit by ten seconds each. The checkpoint in this level is the only checkpoint in a time-limited mission in the game.

Planets Visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese タイムアタック!帝国に残されたスター
Taimu atakku! Teikoku ni nokosareta sutā
Time Attack! Power Star left in the Empire
Spanish (NOE) ¡Al límite! ¡Asalto a la fortaleza de Bowser! At the limit! Assault on Bowser's fortress!
French (NOE) Le combat final : contre-la-montre The final fight: against the clock
German Beeilung! Bowsers geheimer Stern Hurry! Bowser's secret Star
Chinese 限時挑戰!遺落在帝國之星。 time limit challenge !the left behind star in the empire.

Green Star 1[edit]

Location of the first Green Star.

The first Green Star is in the beginning, on the small Floaty Fluff course. Mario or Luigi must carefully get the star near the last lava cliff before the Spin Drill platform.

Planets Visted

Green Star 2[edit]

Location of the second Green Star.

The second Green Star is in front of the tilting platform, where Yoshi is. The player can see the star far out, and there are multiple ways to reach it. The easiest way is to get on Yoshi, jump straight toward the star from the tilting platform, flutter jump, dismount, and spin to get the star. Another way is that Mario can also reach the star if they have the Cloud Flower power-up, where they must long jump, make a cloud, and then long jump again. Yet another way is to beat the Boomerang Bros. on the next planet, get the Dash Pepper in the opening, and go back to where the Green Star is. Dash Yoshi can then jump, flutter jump, and dismount to get the star.

Planets Visited

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパの新銀河帝国
Kuppa no shinginga teikoku
Bowser's New Galactic Empire
Spanish Grieta Galáctica de Bowser Bowser's Galactic Rift
French (NOA) Génératrice de galaxies de Bowser Bowser's galaxy Generator
French (NOE) Fabrique de galaxies de Bowser Bowser's galaxies factory
German Bowsers Galaxiengenerator Bowser's Galaxy Generator
Italian Generatore Galattico di Bowser Bowser's Galactic Generator
Chinese 庫巴的新銀河帝國
Kùbā de Xīn Yínhé Dìguó
Bowser's New Galactic Empire