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Bouncy Tucks, jumping on Jelly Blocks around Donkey and Diddy Kong

Bouncy Tucks are members of the Snowmad army and enemies in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Much like their relatives, Tucks, their appearance is based on that of penguins, being pudgy, short, and slightly hunched. However, unlike basic Tucks, which wear striped trousers, Bouncy Tucks do not sport any piece of clothing; they are completely bare.

These enemies are always seen bouncing on springy objects, such as elastic drapes and jelly blocks. Their jump height as well as trajectory may differ from individual to individual. Some Bouncy Tucks perform short bounces in place, while other perform higher bounces, flapping their flippers in an attempt to fly as well. Unlike these which jump vertically, several other Bouncy Tucks follow an arc-shaped motion.[1]

If a Bouncy Tucks hits the Kongs, it damages them and depletes one heart from their health counter. However, the Kongs can defeat Bouncy Tucks by means of any attack method, including stomping, throwing barrels or explosives, or even rolling.

Compared to other Snowmad enemies, Bouncy Tucks are rather uncommon in the game. A single Bouncy Tucks can be found inside a windmill in the level, Windmill Hills. However, more Bouncy Tucks can be spotted in Jelly Jamboree. While their jump heights are certainly not affected, as the Kongs are, by the types of jelly blocks found in the level, Bouncy Tucks are shown to be able to power mechanisms by springing on blue jelly blocks.


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