Turbo doors

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Turbo doors
SMS DP Shine 08.png
Mario about to break through a pair of Turbo doors
First appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
“These doors break apart when Mario Turbo Dashes through them.”
Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia, page 106

Turbo doors are double doors rarely found throughout Super Mario Sunshine. Although Mario is normally unable to break through them, this is easily accomplished by starting up a Turbo Dash from a fair distance in front of the gates. This is the objective of the Turbo Dash! mission in Delfino Plaza. The bell tower in the southwest corner of the plaza has Turbo doors Mario must break through to retrieve a Shine Sprite within the tower.

The police station also has Turbo doors in front of it. Mario must charge up at a good distance in front of them and crash through the doors to enter a bonus area where the Turbo Nozzle is tested.

Turbo doors are imbedded in one of the platforms near the shore and the lighthouse. To break through them, Mario must begin dashing across the water and crash through the doors to receive a hidden Blue Coin.

Two Turbo doors make up the small structure within Delfino Airstrip. Mario is intended to return here later in the game and break through the building to find a Blue Coin concealed in a block of ice.

Notably, there is a lengthy glitch involving these Turbo doors in the airstrip. The player must complete Bianco Hills and unlock the Turbo Nozzle, all the while without any additional lives or save points following the very beginning of the game. This allows the player to spawn in with access to the Hover Nozzle crate. Although it can be used in this area, touching, or even dashing toward, the Turbo doors here causes the game to crash.