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A blue Nozzle Box
A blue Nozzle Box, which contains the Hover Nozzle
A red Nozzle Box
A red Nozzle Box, which contains the Rocket Nozzle
Nozzle Box 3.png
A gray Nozzle Box, which contains the Turbo Nozzle
“This is one of my nozzles, the... Oh, you cannot use it yet. It is only a hologram.”
F.L.U.D.D., Super Mario Sunshine

Nozzle Boxes are colored boxes found in Super Mario Sunshine. They have Professor E. Gadd's emblem on them, and they contain F.L.U.D.D.'s different Nozzles. Blue Nozzle boxes contain the Hover Nozzle, red ones contain the Rocket Nozzle, and gray ones contain the Turbo Nozzle. F.L.U.D.D. begins each level automatically equipped with the Hover Nozzle. All three types can be found in Delfino Plaza and its surrounding areas.

Mario can open the box and equip the Nozzle simply by jumping on the box. F.L.U.D.D. can have only two Nozzles equipped at one time, but one of them must be the standard Squirt Nozzle. This means that if Mario wants to change nozzles, the Hover Nozzle is replaced. Blue Nozzle Boxes are always accessible, but most others start as holograms. Mario must find and open the solid Nozzle Box for that level (which is usually positioned in a hard-to-reach place in the surrounding area) to make the other Nozzle Boxes in the level solid. Whenever Mario switches Nozzles via a Nozzle Box, his water supply is automatically refilled. Throughout Isle Delfino, there are 10 Hover Nozzle Boxes, 11 Turbo Nozzle Boxes, and 12 Rocket Nozzle Boxes.


  • Although Mario can break open Nozzle Boxes while riding on Yoshi's back, he cannot physically collect whatever nozzle attachment comes out of the Nozzle Box until he dismounts Yoshi.
  • If Mario gets on and off Yoshi, F.L.U.D.D. refills and his 2nd nozzle switches to the Hover Nozzle.
  • Pinna Park and Sirena Beach are the only areas of Isle Delfino that do not have a single Nozzle Box.