Mega Chomp

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Mega Chomp
DKCR Mega chomp.png
Concept artwork of a Mega Chomp
First appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)
Latest appearance Mario Golf: World Tour (2014)
Parent species Chomp

Mega Chomps[citation needed] are red carnivorous plant enemies which first appear in the game Donkey Kong Country Returns. They are a variety of Chomp and appear quite frequently throughout the game. The first appearance of a Mega Chomp is in the level King of Cling, of the Jungle.

Mega Chomps are much larger than other species of Chomps. They have leaves instead of a vine, and possess spikes on their body. These enemies attack by leaping up towards the Kongs, attempting to injure them. Mega Chomps cannot be defeated by jumping on them and can only be defeated by throwing barrels at them. Additionally, the Mega Chomps attack faster than the other species of Chomps.

As with its smaller cousins, a single Mega Chomp appears in Mario Golf: World Tour. It adopts the same behavioral aspect and vertical position seen in Donkey Kong Country Returns, and it now hinders the ball hit and thrown by the player. The Mega Chomp is located around Hole 6 of DK Jungle.