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"Level Gate" redirects here. For information about goal gates from various games, see Goal Gate. For the end-of-level object from Super Mario World, see Giant Gate.
Rainbow M
Rainbow M
Shadow Mario standing in front of a Rainbow M
First appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
Variant of Goop

Rainbow Ms,[1] also known as "M" Teleports,[2] are M Graffiti-shaped portals composed of multicolored goop that appear in Super Mario Sunshine. They are used to teleport Mario and Shadow Mario to other parts of Isle Delfino, serving as a subset of Level Gates[3] (also known as Gates),[4] which also comprise the entrances to Sirena Beach and Pianta Village, which take the form of red Warp Pipes with the same kind of multicolored goop filling their bottom. There are three Rainbow Ms, all of which are found in Delfino Plaza. The first is painted by Shadow Mario to escape Mario after he foiled the former's first attempt to kidnap Princess Peach in Delfino Plaza. This one was painted on the base of the Grand Pianta Statue, and it leads to Bianco Hills. Two more Rainbow Ms can be found on the side of the boathouse, leading to Ricco Harbor, and on the front of the lighthouse, leading to Gelato Beach. These Rainbow Ms appear only after the Gatekeepers covering the buildings have been defeated. Sirena Beach and Pianta Village's similar Level Gates are located on top of a building located behind the Grand Pianta Statue (where it is plugged up by a large pineapple at the start of the game), and on top of the Shine Gate. Pinna Park and Noki Bay are the only levels that are not accessed via Rainbow Ms. Mario simply has to squirt water on a Rainbow M with FLUDD to activate it (after which it becomes a visible portal to its corresponding location) and then jump into it. When he uses one, he is fragmented into multiple particles before entering, after which he is reassembled at the start of the level (similar to what happens when Luigi is transported through the Pixelator in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon or a playable character uses Candy in Mario Party 8).

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