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Mario unpacking an alarm clockTranslation:Mario: "Now I will finally know when my time has come."
Mario, unpacking his new alarm clock

The Wecker (German for "alarm clock") is an apparent time machine in disguise that appears in the Club Nintendo comic "Super Mario: Verloren in der Zeit". It was developed by Dr. Wily. When activated, the alarm clock is capable of teleporting the user to a different place and/or era. Its purpose is to distract Mario while Wily is taking over the plumber's hometown.

In the beginning of the story, Dr. Wily, dressed up as a mailman and hence unrecognized by Mario, hands over a package to the plumber. Supposing it is just a regular alarm clock, Mario tries it out and gets grabbed by a time slip, teleporting him to the Stone Age. During his stay, a dinosaur swallows the alarm clock but spits it out later. Mario activates it again, supposing that it will bring him back home, but instead it takes him to the Viking age. A group of three Vikings named Erik, Baleog and Olaf take the alarm clock and unintentionally activate it. It takes them to present-day New York City, while Mario remains trapped in Viking age. The Vikings cause several problems in New York and thus are put on trial. The judge says to confiscate the alarm clock, but the Vikings, assuming that it might be capable of taking them back to their age, snatch the item and indeed get teleported back to the Viking age. They are angry at Mario and throw the alarm clock at him, activating it and teleporting him to the planet Hösndösn. Before he arrives there, however, the alarm clock lands on the planet, right in front of the natives Hösn and Dösn, who decide to use this item as a trophy for the upcoming "intergalactical Olympics". The only way for Mario to get it back now is to win the Olympics. He manages to do so and activates the time machine again. This time, he finds himself at home, but he soon realizes that many things have changed during his absence; the people in his town appear to have become much more cruel. Realizing that it was Dr. Wily who delivered the alarm clock, he heads for the villain's castle, but gets captured by Wily and the now cruel Princess Toadstool. When the clock rings, however, Mario finds himself at home in his bed and realizes that it was all just a dream. Still, he is annoyed at his real alarm clock and smashes it.