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A Nice Shot is a common event in the Mario Golf series. In order to get a Nice Shot, the player must strike the golf ball with enough strength and stop the meter bar in the sweet spot zone. By getting a Nice Shot, the golf ball is more likely to go on a perfect path, going where guided to. The words "Nice Shot" appear in large colorful letters, alerting the player that he or she has done well, but the player does not earn any extra points, powers, or turns for performing this move. When this is achieved as a perfect power shot, the number of power shots will not decrease.

In Mario Golf: World Tour, a Nice Shot is achieved if the rising and falling bar is stopped exactly at the markers of the power meter, (a sound effect will confirm this) giving Miis' and Mario characters' golf balls gold and rainbow streaks respectively, in flight. Otherwise, it is only a "Good Shot". A Nice Shot from the tee will make an inset at the bottom right of the Nintendo 3DS top screen appear, showing the character doing a gesture of joy. However, a stroke will not be called a Nice Shot or a Good Shot if the ball does not end up on the green, the fringe, or fairway.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナイスショット
Naisu Shotto
Nice Shot
French Joli Nice