Gargantuan Gills

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A Gargantuan Gills lunging towards Donkey Kong

Gargantuan Gills form a group of gigantic aquatic predators exclusive to a few vehicle riding stages of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Each of these animals sports a row of razor-resembling appendages going along its spine. Gargantuan Gills swim in between the rock formations scattered throughout the river of Twilight Terror, sometimes colliding with underwater items and casting them unintentionally towards the primate heroes, who ride on a Rocket Barrel above the river.

A purple Gargantuan Gills shreds part of a railtrack

The fish creatures behave differently, depending on their scale coloration. The light-blue Gargantuan Gills stay on the surface of the water they are swimming in, just as much as to become potential threats for the Kongs, who might crash into their sharp appendages and lose one heart. Some of them tend to knock over large wooden structures meant for fishing, initially found in the background, which become hazards for the heroes after falling down. Purple Gargantuan Gills are capable of jumping high above the water, trying to snatch the Kongs, before diving back into the river. Aside from Twilight Terror, two of these make a minor appearance in High Tide Ride, a level in which they bite significant patches of railtrack, thus hindering the Kongs' minecart ride. This behavior further proves their characteristic lunging ability, as the railtracks are built high above the water the fish predators are roaming in.

Gargantuan Gills display angry figures, and frequently peep out of the water with great stealth, menacingly following the Kongs in the background before eventually committing an action that can be harmful for the heroes. Towards the end of Twilight Terror, the underwater predators become progressively more active. The last Gargantuan Gills to be encountered in the level gets piqued by the heroes and hunts them down a waterfall, which ultimately leads the creature into a deep pond where it meets its doom. The now weak predator becomes a slightly animated prop that lies upon its backside on the bottom, unable to harm the Kongs if they make contact with it.