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Beedrill in Super Smash Bros.
Full name Beedrill
Species Beedrill
First appearance Pokémon Red Version / Pokémon Green Version (1996, Pokémon series)
Super Smash Bros. (1999, Mario series crossovers)

Beedrill is a Bug/Poison-type Pokémon that first appeared in Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Green Version (released in other regions later as Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version). It evolves from Kakuna and is the final form of Weedle; as of Generation VI, it is also capable of Mega Evolving into Mega Beedrill. In Super Smash Bros., it can be spawned from a Poké Ball and attacks by using Take Down, which involves a single Beedrill flying off the stage followed by a swarm of Beedrill flying horizontally through the stage and damaging anyone who comes into contact with them.