Mini Board Mad-Dash
Mini Board Mad-Dash.png
Appears in Mario Party 4
Availability Default
Music sample
“Hey dere! Da name's Thwomp, an' I'm gonna be your guide on dis here board! It took me two whole months to make dis board. Isn't it da best? The only rule is dat whoever gets da most coins wins!”
Thwomp, Mario Party 4

Mini Board Mad-Dash is a board from the Extra Room hosted by Thwomp in Mario Party 4. According to Thwomp, he built the board in two months, and is proud of his work. Here, Thwomps are in charge of the shops, and many Thwomps, Whomps, and a Ztar can be seen hopping and dancing around under the board.

Unlike normal boards in Party Mode, there are no stars or Star Spaces, no special events, and no minigames at the end of each turn, though landing on a Bowser Space can still trigger a Bowser minigame should Bowser pick the Bowser Mini-Game event. Each player starts with 100 coins, and the goal is to have the highest coin total at the end of the game.

The board is notable for the long stretch in its uppermost section consisting of nothing but Red Spaces, Bowser Spaces, and Warp Spaces. In order to avoid this area and keep their coins, players may use the Mini Mushrooms or Super Mini Mushrooms to access the three Gates – more than any other board contains – which lead to the inner part of the board that contains an Item Shop and many Blue Spaces.

Item Shops on this board and Mega Board Mayhem function differently than on other boards. When visited, they will always have five of the same item for sale, instead of a selection of five different items, and the only items available to be sold are Warp Pipes, Sparky Stickers, Super Mini Mushrooms, and Super Mega Mushrooms. Since all of these items cost at least 10 coins, players can enter the Item Shop if they have at least 5 coins as usual, but they will not be able to buy anything if they have fewer than 10.

Unlike on every other board, the Mushroom Spaces here only award players with Mini Mushrooms. Super Mega Mushrooms may still be acquired at the Item Shops, however.


Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Spaces
Red Spaces
Mushroom Spaces
Warp Spaces
Bowser Spaces
Total of Spaces 56