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Gate (MP4).png

A gate[1] (also generically referred to in plural as pipes)[2] is a type of Warp Pipe that serves as a board obstacle in Mario Party 4. Each gate has a small hole that can be passed through by players that used a Mini Mushroom or a Super Mini Mushroom. Gates often lead to desired spaces or Mini Mini-Games or can simply be used as shortcuts. When the player goes past a gate with a Mini Mushroom activated on the character (or the MiniMega Hammer), an option of turning, such as an extra path, shows up. The player can decide to simply ignore it or enter.

Gates make an appearance in the Mario Party 4 Flash game on Goomba's Game Board and Boo's Game Board. They serve the same function as in Mario Party 4, allowing the player to traverse through only if they have a Mini Mushroom to shrink Mario.


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