Tornado Spear-Mask

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Tornado Spear-Mask
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Parent species Spear-Mask
A Tornado Spear-Mask (blue), a Spear-Mask and an Angry Spear-Mask.

Tornado Spear-Mask[citation needed] is an enemy in the game Wario Land 4. Tornado Spear-Mask wears a blue robe and a mask and should not be confused with its relatives the Spear-Mask or the Angry Spear-Mask.

While the game can generate Tornado Spear-Masks depending on difficulty, Wario can turn Spear-Masks into Tornado Spear-Masks by Ground Pounding once. Ground Pounding when a Tornado Spear-Mask is present will transform them into Angry Spear-Masks.

Tornado Spear-Masks function much like ordinary Spear-Masks. However, as their name suggests, once they turn around, they spin their spears (creating a "tornado"), damaging Wario if he touches them while they spin their spear. Defeating them yields better rewards compared to the Spear-Mask, but not as much as an Angry Spear-Mask.

They resemble Shy Guys since both have similar body shapes and clothing.