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Onix in Super Smash Bros.
Full name Onix
Species Pokémon
First appearance Pokémon Red and Blue Versions (1996, Pokémon series)
Super Smash Bros. (1999, Mario series)

Onix is a Rock/Ground-type Pokémon that first appeared in Pokémon Red and Blue. From Generation II of the Pokémon series onward, it evolves into Steelix by being traded while holding a Metal Coat. In Super Smash Bros., it has a chance of being summoned from a Poké Ball attacks by using Rock Throw; after being spawned, it jumps to the top of the stage and rains boulders down onto the stage. Onix can damage opponents itself while dropping rocks, and the rocks launch away opponents if they hit. If opponents touch Onix before it rises upward, they also take damage.