Mayu Bird

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Mayu Bird
Mayu Bird WL4.png
First appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Wario riding past a Mayu Bird

Mayu Bird (まゆバード[1], Mayu Bādo) is an enemy appearing in Wario Land 4. They mainly appear in the level Arabian Night, and are usually found in large groups. They are blue-colored birds with a big green nose showing two big nostrils, a big red lip in their mouth, showing two sharp fangs, and bushy, black eyebrows. Mayu Birds also have white and pink wings.

Mayu Birds move back and forth in the air, always in the same area. If they are attacked from below, Wario will take damage, because of the sharp fangs. They can be defeated by a ground pound from above, or a body slam on the side. However, if Wario touches a Mayu Bird without taking damage (touching it from above or the side), and without using an attack, the Mayu Bird will fly away.


  • During development, the Mayu Bird was originally given four fangs. It was changed before the game was released.


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