Ceramics Studio

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Ceramics Studio
Ceramics Studio.png
Area Area Four
Portrait ghosts Jarvis
Boo TamBoorine
Luigi's first encounter with Jarvis in Luigi's Mansion for the Nintendo 3DS.
The Ceramics Studio in the Nintendo 3DS remake

The Ceramics Studio is one of the many rooms in Luigi's Mansion. It is cleared in Area Four. After Luigi enters the Ceramics Studio, he fights Jarvis. After Luigi defeats Jarvis, he receives a green treasure chest with many treasures, the most valuable being a Blue Diamond.


The Ceramics Studio contains nine jars and vases, many of which contain treasure and one even contains a Red Ruby. There are four on the north and south walls. The jar near the center of the room is frozen and contains Ice Elemental Ghosts. Some crates and chairs are stacked behind the crafts. In the top right corner of the room is the chimney for the fireplace in the Study, blocked by wooden boards.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 壺置き場
Tsubo Okiba
Vase Storehouse

French Studio céramique
German Vasenkammer
Italian Stanza vasi
Vase room
Spanish El estudio de cerámica
The Ceramics Studio
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  • In the 3DS remake, there is a glitch that happens with the Red Ruby in this room. If the player were to search any the vases before Jarvis appears or if the player were to leave the room when the lights go on without searching the vases, the Red Ruby will not spawn from the gold vase if searched, even if the player enters and exits the room many times.
    • To undo the glitch, the player must not save their progress and instead restart the game from their last save point and defeat Jarvis again without searching the vases and leaving the room when lit. The Red Ruby will appear when the player searches the gold vase when the lights go on.
  • The cardboard boxes on and under the shelf wobble around and sound like a ceramic jar when vacuumed, suggesting that they were given the wrong properties in coding.